It is Getting More and More Difficult…

I am known for my positive optimistic outlook about most things. I am a bright happy person most of the time. If I am sad it is usually for a short time and I find a way to fix whatever is making me sad. Right now, it is getting more and more difficult to remain … Continue reading It is Getting More and More Difficult…


I hate being late as much as I dislike waiting. Especially when it is not my fault. When circumstances swirl out of control and for whatever reason, I am late. Is it the lateness or the lack of control that I hate? Deep breath. Remember you are a human. You can not control happenstance.

What is Wrong With You?

I have seen this post all over social media lately that says, "Tell those you love that you love them. Tomorrow is not promised." It has a few different variations, but we have all seen it. A friendly reminder that life is short. Death is inevitable. Not everyone you love knows you love them. What … Continue reading What is Wrong With You?

Align Your Priorities

How do your daily actions and your priorities align? Here is a simple way to figure that one out. You will need a regular piece of paper and pencil for this task. If you use a computer, you will need a printer. For the sake of simplicity I recommend not using a electronic device. Also, … Continue reading Align Your Priorities

The More things Change….

Things do change but do they really? It is true that some aspects of your situation will change, however somethings do not. Your children grow up, but you still love them and care for them. It is the way you interact that changes. You and your significant other mature and still you treat them with … Continue reading The More things Change….

When You Die

Do these things at minimum to save your loved ones extra heartache. Also to ensure things happen as you wish. 1. Write a will. 2. Tell someone where that will is and read it to them. 3. Write names on the items you want certain people to have. Please, for the love of all that … Continue reading When You Die

You're What?!

I hear so many people joking, half joking, sometimes not joking at all that they are stupid, ugly, trash, unworthy or that they don't deserve...what? happiness? success? Love? Whatever....y'all...As one who knows that sort of thinking is just a lie of anxiety or maybe even a manipulation of evil, I am so tired of hearing … Continue reading You're What?!

Be Nice

I was listening to a couple arguing over what move to watch. She said he couldn't watch what he wanted because she didn't like it. Then he said "Well I hate your girl movies." It took all I had not to tell them to be nice. It takes an entire two seconds to say, "OK … Continue reading Be Nice

Worry is a Waste of Time, yet I still do it.

I worry about big things and little things. I worry if there is enough food in the kitchen. I worry that my husband may or may not have remembered to eat. Sometimes he forgets with his PTSD brain. I worry that my kids are not safe, even my grown adult daughter who lives in Texas … Continue reading Worry is a Waste of Time, yet I still do it.

It's Your Choice, Always

I am from the south. Some would say the deep south in the United States. I guess that is true because if you walk out my door the Gulf of Mexico is not far. We Southern folks like our holidays. I have my favorites and there are some I do not participate in, Valentine's Day, … Continue reading It's Your Choice, Always

Maybe you are Person-Sick

Do you ever get that feeling that you do not belong? Like maybe you are homesick, but your not away. When you think about it you can't say what you are homesick for because when you look around you realize you are home. Maybe you aren't homesick but person sick. Maybe you miss your person. … Continue reading Maybe you are Person-Sick

Do Not Wait

Things happen for a reason. The reason may be the consequences for a decision you made or an action you chose. It can also be from your stagnate response. That sitting and waiting for a thing to happen. If you want something do not sit around and wait for it to magically happen on it's … Continue reading Do Not Wait

No Sin in Slowing Down

Go go that thing, then the next then the next...go go go... STOP! There is no productivity in constant motion. There is loss of efficiency in multitasking. Being tired is not anyway to live. Sometimes we have to simply stop. Take a day to do nothing. You know this. Like me you probably say … Continue reading No Sin in Slowing Down

Are you really "fine"?

Stop lying to yourself and others. We all do it. See if this sounds familiar Person: Hi. How are you? You: Fine. Thanks. You answer "fine" automatically. It is like we are taught that is the only correct response. What if you are not "fine"? What if you are tired, sick, hungry, sad, happy,? What … Continue reading Are you really "fine"?

Do You Hate Valentine's Day?

I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day. The entire thing feels forced. Love day should be every day. Why the world thinks people need a day to honor those we love is ridiculous. Valentine's Day, the modern version of it anyway, seems like it was made up by the greeting card writers, chocolate … Continue reading Do You Hate Valentine's Day?

Stay Curious

Remember being a kid and wanting to know everything? If you have kids you can hear it, right? That insatiable question over and over again. "Why?" When you are the kid and you asked why it was because you really wanted to know. Depending on the response you got from the adult or person you … Continue reading Stay Curious

How is Life?

Life is good if you have love. An older man was standing on a corner of the street holding a sign that read "Life is good" A rich man pulled up in a fancy sports car and tossed the older man a dollar. The older man said, "I don't want your money. I just want … Continue reading How is Life?


If you heard that robotic voice when you read that title we need to talk after class. hehe 🙂 Seriously communication is a key to happiness. There are a few, but this is a big one. Telling your loved ones what you need to say will make your relationships stronger and healthier. Also, asking them … Continue reading Communicate!

Want to Change the World?

Change your perspective. The only constant in this world is change, death and the laws of physics. Though I am no scientist, what do I know. What I do know is there is no reality. There is only perspective. Want to change anything in your life, yes anything, try looking at it in a different … Continue reading Want to Change the World?

Because You Deserve It

In my novel Almost There the main character Brianna Sabine Dario has the belief that she is not worthy of happiness. Throughout her story we see her pursue it. She longs for happiness like an addict. The thought of being happy terrifies her. She thinks she isn't worthy of it and denys herself happiness. When … Continue reading Because You Deserve It

It’s Day 40

I haven’t really been paying attention to the number of consecutive blogging days. I made a commitment to relaunch “Thought of The Day” since several readers and friends, asked me to share thoughts again and I just started writing. I have read the experts if there is such a thing as a blog expert. They … Continue reading It’s Day 40

Hide Nothing

There was a time when I hid things. I thought being secretive was to protect myself or to make things better. Sometimes it was to keep from hurting someone else, or at least I thought so. Usually it was worse when the person found out what I hid. I thought that being more open would … Continue reading Hide Nothing

What Are You Afraid of?

I am not afraid of much, not really. There is my fear of being alone. Not just alone for an afternoon if my husband is busy and all my kids are at school. I mean, alone, alone. Like A.L.O.N.E. alone. No family, no friends. Pure stillness and silence. Just me and a ticking clock. No … Continue reading What Are You Afraid of?

Family is What You Make it

Family. I have one, we all do. Human families are multi-generational and consist of multi-species. My dog is my fur baby and certainly family. We have two families. The one we are born in to and the one we choose. Blood makes one and trust makes the other. There can be love in both. Families … Continue reading Family is What You Make it


I have none. I do not like to wait. I have heard that most people like me hate waiting, but there are a choice few humans who can wait with no ill effects at all. I am not one of those people. I get agitated, grumpy and whiny. Today is one of those days. My … Continue reading Patience

Love and Sex

Well Hello. Now that I have your attention, let's be honest. How many of you are dreading Valentine's Day? Ah, February, month of love and undue pressure to either a) have a significant other to take on a romantic dinner date or b) buy that significant other some trinket that says just how much you … Continue reading Love and Sex

Ignore Him, That Works

Why is it that so many women, I guess men too, think that ignoring their spouse or partner is the way to fix a problem or win an argument? Last I checked most humans can't read minds. Love doesn't work that way. People need to know what the problem is to correct it. It's pretty … Continue reading Ignore Him, That Works

What Color is your Hope?

I see hope as yellow. Like the sunshine. Others see hope blue like calm water or white like purity easily lost. Hope is a dream a wish for something to come. It isn't faith. Faith is something you have that says you trust someone else or yourself to do a thing or keep a promise. … Continue reading What Color is your Hope?

What’s Your Story

“Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.” ~ unknown I have always loved the quote above. It is more than a quip about not judging others. It reminds us that everyone has a story. What you see when you interact with a person is one page in the story of … Continue reading What’s Your Story

Weird is Relative

How many times have you done something that you knew other people would consider weird? How many times have you actually been called weird? Why be like everyone else? Be unique. Be brave. Be different. Be fabulous. In my family we have a motto, "Embrace the weird!" Don't worry about what others think. Just be … Continue reading Weird is Relative

On Loss and Sadness

This is my last post for awhile about death. Another teenager, yes that is correct, another teenager, in one of my daughters' schools committed suicide, my friend is in hospice and my heart hurts from memories of personal loss. What is wrong with the world? Can't you see, humans, that there is enough sadness on … Continue reading On Loss and Sadness

Death in Threes

I am not a superstitious person. I believe that God is in control of fate with the exception of our free will. I have noticed lately there seems to be a quiet mass harvest of souls happening. In my small circle of acquaintances and even smaller circle of friends, there have been nine deaths recently. … Continue reading Death in Threes

When are you Happy?

Are you happy right now at this very second? Take a breath and think deeply about it. Is your life what you want? Are you safe? Do you have food and a place to lay your head at night? Do you have love? If you really think about it, life takes very little to be … Continue reading When are you Happy?

Always Be Honest

It is impossible to always be honest, right? You have to sometimes white lie to save someone's feelings, right? How many times have you said, "I don't care what we have for dinner." When you really wanted something you have been craving all day. Here's a good one, "No, that dress looks good on you." … Continue reading Always Be Honest

Just Like That…

I made a decision to simplify my life. I started with small things like marking unnecessary emails as junk. Then using a calendar on my phone to track places to be and important things to do. Then slowly making changes in my diet that are small yet healthy. One thing at a time. One small … Continue reading Just Like That…

When to Walk

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Every human should know when to walk away and you do know. It is hidden in that small voice that whispers to your good common sense. It is not easy to admit it to ourselves that our time at a place or with a person is done. Most often … Continue reading When to Walk

Assumptions are Dangerous

You know what they say about assuming. Who they are I have no idea, but the saying goes, "To assume makes an ass of you (U) and me." I have to admit I assume things. Often when I do, it is the negative that I assume. As in, "He will hate this." or "He thinks … Continue reading Assumptions are Dangerous

Life is Fragile

I have this plant. I’ve managed to keep it alive for about three months knowing nothing about it. I’m not even sure I know what type it is. I have it in a pot with a sprig of spider plant. I think I need to repot it and move it. A couple of leaves have … Continue reading Life is Fragile

Watch Your Mouth

Photo by Designecologist on I am not one to over use profanity. It will slip out sometimes. I have always thought it detracts from who I really am when I use a word that is vulgar. On the flip side I am not a prude. I will not wilt if someone says one in … Continue reading Watch Your Mouth

Broken and still Useful

Why is it that God seems to choose the sinner over the righteous to do his work? Isaiah preached naked. Rahab was a prostitute. The Samaritan woman was divorced…more than once…Paul was a murderer. Moses was a murderer and couldn’t talk. Noah was a known drunk. The chosen king David coveted another man's wife and … Continue reading Broken and still Useful


Sometimes you must stop and rest. Don’t think. Don’t fight it. Don’t make excuses. The world will wait. It will be there upon your rising. Just give your soul the rest it needs. Neglecting this type of rest leads to stress and sadness. Save yourself the trouble and rest.

Do it I Dare You

My mother posted this quote on Facebook.... When someone says, you can't do it, do it twice and take pictures. She has always been a bit of a rebel. I guess I get some of my take no BS and snarkness from her. Truth be told, she is on to something. It is different if … Continue reading Do it I Dare You

I am an Alien.

Sometimes I feel like an alien. It is like I do not belong on this planet. Then one day this restless feeling in my being made perfect sense. I am an alien. Not an outer space, green, flying saucer alien, but a spiritual alien. I am actually a spirit, a soul. My person-ness, my being-ness, … Continue reading I am an Alien.

No Just No

Photo by Bess Hamiti on As much as I know you do not what to hear this also know that I hate this lesson, this truth too. Sometimes no is the answer. I hate it when I want to do or go or have or not do and the answer is flat out NO … Continue reading No Just No

Why so Snappy?

Why is it that some people are so snappy? Why is it that they walk up to counters in coffee shops, restaurants, doctor's offices, post offices and libraries with such scowls on their faces, pointy words and harsh tones in their voices? I think the ants are back. Ants: Automatic Negative Thoughts. Maybe it is … Continue reading Why so Snappy?

Who Is In Your Tribe

Have you given much thought to who is in your circle or tribe? I like both metaphors. I see my tribe as like minded people who I may or may not see every day. My tribe are mostly friends not family. Included are my online friends. My circle are the ones closer to me, my … Continue reading Who Is In Your Tribe

Take Care of Yourself

We do not always want to take care of us. We put off what we need to do for our well being for what? Others? Work? Responsibilities? What happens to those things if we are not healthy enough to take care of them or worse we die and or not here at all? Stop. Take … Continue reading Take Care of Yourself

Truth Will Not Hide

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on There are forces of nature that are set firm. The laws of physics are one example. Truth is a natural law. No matter what you do to hide it truth will not stay hidden. You can lie and stretch it, or here's a good one ignore it, however it … Continue reading Truth Will Not Hide

Ever Have You Ever

Have you ever been so completely exhausted that even after a good sleep you are still tired? Me too! Sometimes I can attribute my exhaustion to my own bad decisions. In that case it is all my fault. Sometimes I am just plain tired and I need to snuggle my puppy or my husband. Other … Continue reading Ever Have You Ever