Things to Do at Home: Speak to Plants

Get a house plant, water it, feed it and talk to it. I love the Toby Mac's song Speak Life. It refers to speaking encouraging words to others. Toby explains that every interaction between humans is either encouraging or draining. You have the power to speak life into a person. You can encourage them or … Continue reading Things to Do at Home: Speak to Plants

100 Days = 100 Posts

This afternoon's post around 3 pm (CST) will be the 100th Thought of the Day. I hope you are enjoying reading my thoughts as much as I am loving writing and sharing them with you. Tomorrow is the official 100th day of this year. 2020 has started out like a Ace Venture, crazy and weird. … Continue reading 100 Days = 100 Posts

Things to do At Home: Kitchen Dance Party

What you can’t dance? Neither can I, however it is not about dance skill, a kitchen dance party is about fun. I say kitchen because in my house the kitchen has the best floor space. Also we tend to congregate in that room. My teenagers, all girls love dance parties at home. Picture this, music … Continue reading Things to do At Home: Kitchen Dance Party

Things to Do at Home: Bake a Cake

When I was a child I learned how to bake by watching my grandmothers in the kitchen., it was like watching magic happen. They knew what a measurement was by looking at it. They knew if a cake was baked just right, not to dry not to moist, just by the smell. They knew exactly … Continue reading Things to Do at Home: Bake a Cake

Things to Do At Home: You Have Mail

When was the last time you got a real letter in the mail? Not a bill or something you ordered that you knew was coming, but a real surprise letter? Take some of this time to write a letter to someone you can't see in person right now. That person can be in the same … Continue reading Things to Do At Home: You Have Mail

Things to Do At Home

This week's thoughts will revolve around things to do while at home while we are sheltering in place. I have seen so many lists of things to clean and work tasks to do at home. I say pish posh pot on that! Let's think up fun things to do that add value and happiness to … Continue reading Things to Do At Home

Who are you really?

I am a librarian and an author. I have had a love for books as long as I have memory. I have been told by my parents and grandparents that I could read before I could talk. It may or may not be true. One thing that is true is books and I are interconnected. … Continue reading Who are you really?

Books & Sunshine

I don’t know much that is better than being out in the sunshine of Spring reading. There is a light breeze and birds tweeting. The scent of sweet flowers fill my lungs. My mind falls into the story I hold in my hands. For a few minutes I can forget about the world and spend … Continue reading Books & Sunshine

Video Games are a Time Suck…

and maybe that is what we need right now. Maybe the diversion will help us get through this social distancing desperation. Listen, y'all. I do not play video games. I have seen friends become just as addicted to video games as others are to alcohol and drugs. Yes, that is a moral reason not to … Continue reading Video Games are a Time Suck…

Dogs are Not Things

If you are lucky enough to be owned by a dog then you understand that dogs have emotions. They are living creatures with a soul. I have blocked many people on social media who post any type of animal cruelty, but especially abused dogs. You can tell a lot about a person by how they … Continue reading Dogs are Not Things

Almost There: Pineapple on Pizza, Love it or Hate it.

“What do you like on your pizza?” Joseph said snapping Brianna out of her thoughts. “It is a tradition. After Sam’s game, we always eat pizza.” “Oh, I can’t stay. I will just call a cab.” Brianna said. Better to get away now before Joseph and his boys realize what kind of woman is in … Continue reading Almost There: Pineapple on Pizza, Love it or Hate it.

It’s Grief and it’s Real

I miss our crazy busy life. With three teenagers and two preteens, a full time job, writing part time, and a fur baby, my husband and I were always doing something or going somewhere. All of our schedules went in many different directions. We also had an active social life. There were friends at our … Continue reading It’s Grief and it’s Real

Let’s Go Back

I can't be the only one who sees some silver in the lining of this cloud we are living in. This step back from life has given humans a pause to consider what is really important. They are looking at the necessary things and deciding what they can live without. We are all realizing what … Continue reading Let’s Go Back

Saturday-I am thankful for…

laughter. This is the last of my thankful birthday week posts so I want to share with you what happened when I got to have not one but two birthday cakes. I decided it is my birthday, I do what I want! I decided when I wanted to eat cake I would eat cake. I … Continue reading Saturday-I am thankful for…

Friday-I am Thankful for…

time. I am thankful for time to reflect on what is important, time to gather my thoughts and time to settle my spirit. I encourage you to take time to reflect on your values as a human. What is your motivation? Are you lying to yourself about what is really at the root of what … Continue reading Friday-I am Thankful for…

Wednesday- I am thankful for…

people who smile through adversity. I finally braved a couple of stores for provisions. I was greeted by smiling workers and a lot of "how can I help you" while keeping a nice distance from me. These people are tired. I could see it on their faces. Some looked stressed. Even through all of that … Continue reading Wednesday- I am thankful for…

Tuesday- I am thankful for…

instant communication. What if we had no way to communicate as things happen? I think about the past and how long it took information to travel. Often if it didn't happen close to home you never knew it. Now, we can hear about things almost in real time. Think about the way you communicate with … Continue reading Tuesday- I am thankful for…

Monday- I am thankful for…

Doughnuts. Those sweet circles of goodness that for a few seconds can distract my brain from the chaos of life. I know I hear ya. Stress eating is bad. I am sure that Hanson Gregory, an American, who claimed to have invented the ring-shaped doughnut in 1847, did not mean for me to use them as … Continue reading Monday- I am thankful for…

Sunday- I am Thankful for…

Today is the first day of my birthday week. I have decided for the thought of the day, I will leave you with one thing that I am thankful for and the reason why we should be thankful. It will not always be a deep emotional thought, though it might be. This week should be … Continue reading Sunday- I am Thankful for…

Not Today

Today is not the day to worry. Today is not the day to panic. Today is not the day to focus negative thought. Today is not the day to fight. Today is not the day to doubt. Today is the day to love. Today is the day to appreciate what you have. Today is the … Continue reading Not Today


I love words. They can be heavy or light. Words can be harmful or hurtful. Words can be helpful or wise. Words have power. In this crazy new normal we find ourselves in, be mindful as to how you use words. Do not deliberately use them for false information. Use them instead for spreading kindness … Continue reading Words


Warning: Today’s thought is deep. Who do you trust? It’s easy to say, “I trust you”, do you really though? What does that mean? The trust I have for coworkers and friends is different from the trust I have for my children. The trust I have for my children is different from the trust I … Continue reading Trust

It’s a New Day

When the chaos of this life causes you to be exhausted and anxious remember tomorrow is a new day. As much as I detest old worn out sentimental expressions, I have to admit this one is a fact. Do not under estimate the power of a good night's sleep and a snuggle from your mate, … Continue reading It’s a New Day

To Each Their Own and Be True

It is no secret that I am a Christian. I do not often say that out loud or write it because it sets preconceived images of who you think I am in your head. I am not a traditionalist. I often say that I practice no B.S. Christianity. You might be exposed to several different … Continue reading To Each Their Own and Be True

Thank you, Elders

In this crazy world that we find ourselves in today I am thanking my grandparents. My mother's parents in particular today. They taught me how to live well on very little. My grandparents grew up in rural Alabama in an age where if something was broken you fixed it. They grew vegetables, baked bread and … Continue reading Thank you, Elders

Panic Helps No One

When has worry and panic ever helped you to relax or think logically? Right! Never. Calm down y’all. This too shall pass. Be smart about it. Read facts. Ignore media hype. Listen to the experts. The trouble is going to complete its natural development to the end. Then a great new trouble will arrive. I … Continue reading Panic Helps No One

Luck? No, Thank You.

I believe in human free will and initiative. If you want something to happen make it happen. I hear those who know me asking, "What about prayer? You believe in prayer." Yes, I do. I believe in thanking God, by whatever name you choose to invoke, for things you need and asking if it is … Continue reading Luck? No, Thank You.

Have Fun

With all the bad news out there it is important that you take time to have fun when you can. One of my habits is to surround myself with quirky and unique things. They mean nothing to anyone else and they are nothing of any monetary value. Things given to me or things I have … Continue reading Have Fun

Lines Are Drawn

Where are your limits? What do you value? There is an old saying that says, "What you permit, you promote. What you allow, you encourage. What you condone, you own.” ~ Unknown I have drawn some lines. God is first in my life, heart, mind and soul. I do not care if you agree or … Continue reading Lines Are Drawn

Art > Therapy

I am not artistic in the painting, drawing, sculpting sense of the word. I am a word artist. I create images in the minds of readers like you. When I write about a flower that has brilliant red and yellow petals on a stem of green with sunlight shining down on it's leaves. You can … Continue reading Art > Therapy

Autopilot Kindness

If you are offered the opportunity to be kind and you hesitate, figure out why. Is the human in front of you different than you? What slips through your brain that makes you stop and think before you show kindness? Kindness should be compulsive and reactionary. I do not care what someone's race, gender, religion, … Continue reading Autopilot Kindness

Thoughts are Real Things

I read an article recently that said not everyone has an internal monologue. Thoughts come into their brain and then out. Words and ideas in pictures not in a voice. It so difficult for me to understand how a human has thoughts that don’t sound like their voice. I hear my thoughts in my words … Continue reading Thoughts are Real Things

People > Things

We have lots of things. Rooms full of things. We can have all the things we want. No one will stop us. That is fine if you have space for all the things. What is not fine is putting the importance of things above the value of people. Spending time with things and ignoring the … Continue reading People > Things

Ain’t Nothing But a Thing

Aw, did that person yell at you? Ain't nothing but a thing. Why are you laughing? Ok, I admit that is a funny way to start a conversation. Hear me out. If someone says something mean to you, is it really about you? It very well might be about them. Maybe they snap at you … Continue reading Ain’t Nothing But a Thing

Change is a Good Thing

Somethings are changing in my life. Not big things but many small things. I am holding the idea that these changes are positive. I am considering all the things that could happen and choosing not to dwell on the what ifs that would not be positive. My day to day will look, feel and be … Continue reading Change is a Good Thing

Little Happy Things

It really doesn't take much to make me happy. I like hot showers with sweet-smelling shampoo. I like to put things down and it is there when I go back to pick it up. I like it when my husband and I sit across a table from each other, even when we are working on … Continue reading Little Happy Things

It Is a Good Thing I don’t Believe in Luck

I got a great new shower head for our master bath. You know the kind with seven different spray patterns and a long hose. My husband installed it for me, without me even mentioning it. I get home from work, ready to have a nice long hot shower only to find out the electricity to … Continue reading It Is a Good Thing I don’t Believe in Luck

Try Something New

I love to try new things, which is weird because I am generally a wimp. I am scared of heights, do not like creepy animals and am nervous about meeting new people. I find comfort in sameness. Same time to wake up in the morning. Same lunch packed in my same lunchbox and eaten at … Continue reading Try Something New

Strange is a Complement

Those of you who know us, know that the O'Gara clan has five children between the ages of 10 and 16. We have loads of fun. Our house is mostly quiet. People come in and are amazed at how quiet it can be with five children, two adults, and a dog. This weekend Daughter #4, … Continue reading Strange is a Complement

Remember..not all who wander are lost…

...some are just looking for more coffee....from the mouth of my amazing and often poetic husband who stole that tidbit from the interwebs. After I regained my composure from laughing and accusing him of copyright infringement, no offence Mr J.R.R. Tolkien, I thought he, my husband not J.R.R.T., might be onto something. Not every quote … Continue reading Remember..not all who wander are lost…

It is Getting More and More Difficult…

I am known for my positive optimistic outlook about most things. I am a bright happy person most of the time. If I am sad it is usually for a short time and I find a way to fix whatever is making me sad. Right now, it is getting more and more difficult to remain … Continue reading It is Getting More and More Difficult…


I hate being late as much as I dislike waiting. Especially when it is not my fault. When circumstances swirl out of control and for whatever reason, I am late. Is it the lateness or the lack of control that I hate? Deep breath. Remember you are a human. You can not control happenstance.

What is Wrong With You?

I have seen this post all over social media lately that says, "Tell those you love that you love them. Tomorrow is not promised." It has a few different variations, but we have all seen it. A friendly reminder that life is short. Death is inevitable. Not everyone you love knows you love them. What … Continue reading What is Wrong With You?

Align Your Priorities

How do your daily actions and your priorities align? Here is a simple way to figure that one out. You will need a regular piece of paper and pencil for this task. If you use a computer, you will need a printer. For the sake of simplicity I recommend not using a electronic device. Also, … Continue reading Align Your Priorities

The More things Change….

Things do change but do they really? It is true that some aspects of your situation will change, however somethings do not. Your children grow up, but you still love them and care for them. It is the way you interact that changes. You and your significant other mature and still you treat them with … Continue reading The More things Change….

When You Die

Do these things at minimum to save your loved ones extra heartache. Also to ensure things happen as you wish. 1. Write a will. 2. Tell someone where that will is and read it to them. 3. Write names on the items you want certain people to have. Please, for the love of all that … Continue reading When You Die

You’re What?!

I hear so many people joking, half joking, sometimes not joking at all that they are stupid, ugly, trash, unworthy or that they don't deserve...what? happiness? success? Love? Whatever....y'all...As one who knows that sort of thinking is just a lie of anxiety or maybe even a manipulation of evil, I am so tired of hearing … Continue reading You’re What?!

No Ants

One thing you will hear me talk about is monkey chatter. That endless, not always helpful monologue in my brain. We all have monkey chatter and the monkeys have friends. I have struggled in the past with ANTs, Automatic Negative Thoughts. (I wish I had thought of that acronym. Not sure where it started.) These ANTS … Continue reading No Ants