It’s a Long Way to Ok

I’m trying to get into a new rhythm. New house and new routines are making me tired. I’m completely happy, love my new home, yet I am tired. I want to be just ok again.

It’s a long way to ok when your life gets toppled even for a good thing like a new home.

Change is difficult and I’m ready for normal peaceful blissful routine life.

Rain Again

Where I live it is the rainy season. Every day mid afternoon it rains. I usually enjoy rain, however these days I am tired of rain. I am ready for it to stop. I know rain is important. Without it humans would die. Do we have to have all the rain in one month? Ugh!

How’s the weather where you are?

Just enough

It’s difficult sometimes to determine what is just enough. How much time is enough to do a task? How much food is enough to feed a family? How much paint is enough to make art? How much money is enough to pay all the bills?

One thing I can promise you that is enough is YOU.

You are enough for love, happiness and life. You are enough for the right relationship. You are enough for the right career. You are enough for a life full of joy.

And you are enough for God just as you are.

Day 95

Loving a person doesn’t make them a good human. Giving a person kindness and showing them that they are loved can sometimes cause goodness to manifest in a human.

Sometimes a bad human is just a bad person no matter how much they are loved or how kind you are to them.

Only divine love is perfect and life changing all the time, every time.

Day 74

Have you heard it said that it is darkest right before dawn? I suppose that’s true. What I do know is right when you think your situation can’t get any worse, it will.

The catch is to stay with what you know is true and let things happen as it will. Do the right thing and you will find the light of dawn at just the right moment.

Faith in the light will get you through the darkness.