Best Laid Plans

I had grand plans for the weekend. I took off work Friday and today to have a long weekend. I planned so many things that I wanted to get accomplished, but I got a total of two things completed from a long mental list. I can't help but to laugh. I could have gotten all … Continue reading Best Laid Plans

Hello Monday: Human Beings Only

Birthplace: Earth, Race: Human, Politics: Freedom, Religion: Love Look at the description that you? If not maybe you should reconsider being a human. I hear there are other planets that have space for you.  Trust me, I know The Doctor. All kidding aside, as humans we need the same things. We may desire other … Continue reading Hello Monday: Human Beings Only

Hello Monday: Newsletter Peek

Hi,  if you haven't signed up for Lori's newsletter here is a peek at what you missed. If you signed up and did not receive it please check you spam/junk folder. It comes from her email, Click here to sign up!  Paradise Lost In We Will Get There one of the themes is a very real … Continue reading Hello Monday: Newsletter Peek