Is Patriotism Dead

It seems to me that people do not respect the fact that no matter who the president is or what color your state is we Americans are blessed to be in the greatest country on the planet.

People come here because it’s better than where they left. Spend five minutes with a person seeking American citizenship and you will see more patriotism in their eyes than seen in most under 30 year old natural born Americans.

This lack of respect and patriotism makes me sad.

Choose Your Humans

There is nothing wrong with being selective about who you choose to be with or who you choose to have in your life.

You can respectfully decline invitations to protect yourself. Don’t apologize for being choosy.

Everyone Needs a Home

We finally bought a house, well almost, we close soon. If a human doesn’t have security they can’t focus on anything else. Food and shelter are the deepest need we have.

If you can help a fellow human with either of those, you should without expectation of repayment.

It is the right thing to do and pure kindness.


Some humans have trouble with commitment. They want all the rewards and fun of the steady thing and the freedom of no strings attached at the same time. There is true agony sometimes in the choosing. We are taught that it is an either/or choice.

The truth is it can be both. If commitment is done right it can be freeing and not suffocating.

Must Love Dogs

I talk a lot about humans and the importance of loving each other. Actually, I am an all life loving human including animals. I love them from a distance, except for dogs and occasionally cats that I love in person.

Humans are not required to love animals. In fact animals were created for man as helpers, food, and companionship. Through out history animals have served humans well. Humans have more often than not served animals with indifference and cruelty. Such a shame. To live a life as a decent human, one should at least respect animals if not love them.

Your true nature and condition of your soul is revealed simply by how you treat a dog or animal.

House Dirt Makes me Grumpy

Dirt. Dust. Trash. Ugh! Why is this world so dirty? Why can’t humans be cleaner and neater.

If all of us simply cleaned up after ourselves life would be cleaner and I would be less grumpy.

Can you relate?

It’s All Fun and Games

Life should be about fun times and happiness. It is not fun when you realize someone you trusted was playing games with your emotions to… what? Get ahead? Feel powerful?

If you have a red flag moment, trust yourself and move on. Most often our first gut reaction is right. It is when we try to explain it away that we get in situations that we should not.

Search out those who bring joy in your life without making you question yourself.

Day 115

Being a human #115

Humans are allowed to expect the fellow humans in their lives, homes and families to do what what is right. Humans are allowed to place expectations on the members of their household. Humans are allowed to be grumpy when those other humans do not do as they are expected.

Today, I am a grumpy human.