Adulting, Focused Simplicity, Human, Life, Truth

Day 136

Being a human #136 Learn to be more at ease every day in your own body. Take care of your physical self. You only get one body. Pro trip: Listen to Baz Luhrmamm‘s Everybody’s Free

Adulting, Change, Devotion, Goals, Happy, Love

Day 135

Being a human #135 You must find a way to approve of and love yourself. If you don’t like something about you, fix it, change it, so that you do like it. You might even grow to love you!

Adulting, Be Radical, Change, Goals, Grand Adventure, Life, Truth

Day 133

Being a human #133 It’s never too late to late to get your stuff together. Start today. Organize your thoughts, things, and finances. Get your life together, devise a plan, and move forward. Today.

Adulting, Be Courageous, Goals, Human, Kindness, Love, Truth

Day 132

Being a human #132 You love other humans why don’t you love yourself? Approve of yourself and love yourself deeply.

Believe, Good Manners, Hello Monday, Honest, Human, Kindness, Love

Day 130

Being a human #130 Every human makes mistakes, some big and some small. Making a mistake doesn’t negate a person’s right to be worthy of love. Everyone is worth love. Love is unconditional or it is not love.

Adulting, Be Radical, Change, Goals, Grand Adventure, Life, Truth

Day 128

Being a human #128 Your potential to succeed is limitless. Limits are self imposed myths.

Adulting, Be Radical, Believe, Change, Goals, Life, Looking Forward, Thoughts, Trust, Truth

Day 127

Being a human #127 Set your mind to success. Say out loud, “I will succeed today.” A lot rides on the way you think. Think you can and you will.