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Day 27

All you can do is your best. Look at all the options. Weigh the pros and cons and make the best choice of the options. You can't wonder if it is right or wrong, good or bad. You can't let the what ifs haunt you after. True you might live to regret the decision. If… Continue reading Day 27

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Don’t Be Lukewarm

My fellow Americans, no matter who you voted for don’t come at me 6 months from now changing sides. Stick to your beliefs, for better or worse. I will always respect you for being true to your core values.

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What’s Your Symbol

Think about the symbols in your life. If you are married there are rings. If you are a member of a group, fandom there are symbols you display so others can identify you. A symbol is an image of an idea not the idea itself. There is nothing wrong with the display of symbols if… Continue reading What’s Your Symbol

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It’s Mother’s Day

Today is the day we make sure all the moms know that we love them. Every person on this planet has an egg donor. Not everyone has a mother. We find it easier to consider absent fathers than it is to consider a mother who births a child and walks away, though it happens. To… Continue reading It’s Mother’s Day

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Will You Ever Fall in Love?

Yes and no. Love is a verb. Love has levels. Love is either there or it is not. You choose to love. I believe that love is an action you choose. However, I also know I fell in love with my husband. I fell in love when I looked into the eyes of my children,… Continue reading Will You Ever Fall in Love?

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It is May Day

When I was a child May Day was a fun event. There were festivals, flowers, sweet treats, dances, and May poles. I remember it being a celebration of Spring. I wonder what happened to May Day fun? I don't hear of that anymore. In any case, today is beautiful where I am. The sun is… Continue reading It is May Day