Day 95

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Loving a person doesn’t make them a good human. Giving a person kindness and showing them that they are loved can sometimes cause goodness to manifest in a human. Sometimes a bad human is just a bad person no matter how much they are loved or how kind you are to them. Only divine love…… Continue reading Day 95

Day 47

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What’s Love Got to Do with It? Everything The word Love is mentioned in the Bible over 300 times and 190 in the Quran. Hindus have five separate words for love. Hinduism has a beautiful story about the origins of love. In the beginning, there was a ultimate being named Purusha. This being was without…… Continue reading Day 47

Day 45

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Happy Valentine’s Day. Another made up holiday designed to do a couple of things. Separate humans from their money. Put unnecessary pressure on couples to be romantic. Shame happy single people to go on dates. Celebrate love every day. Do romantic things just because on random days with your partner or for yourself. That’ll change…… Continue reading Day 45