It is Getting More and More Difficult…

I am known for my positive optimistic outlook about most things. I am a bright happy person most of the time. If I am sad it is usually for a short time and I find a way to fix whatever is making me sad. Right now, it is getting more and more difficult to remain … Continue reading It is Getting More and More Difficult…

What is Wrong With You?

I have seen this post all over social media lately that says, "Tell those you love that you love them. Tomorrow is not promised." It has a few different variations, but we have all seen it. A friendly reminder that life is short. Death is inevitable. Not everyone you love knows you love them. What … Continue reading What is Wrong With You?

Do Not Wait

Things happen for a reason. The reason may be the consequences for a decision you made or an action you chose. It can also be from your stagnate response. That sitting and waiting for a thing to happen. If you want something do not sit around and wait for it to magically happen on it's … Continue reading Do Not Wait

Are you really "fine"?

Stop lying to yourself and others. We all do it. See if this sounds familiar Person: Hi. How are you? You: Fine. Thanks. You answer "fine" automatically. It is like we are taught that is the only correct response. What if you are not "fine"? What if you are tired, sick, hungry, sad, happy,? What … Continue reading Are you really "fine"?

Do You Hate Valentine's Day?

I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day. The entire thing feels forced. Love day should be every day. Why the world thinks people need a day to honor those we love is ridiculous. Valentine's Day, the modern version of it anyway, seems like it was made up by the greeting card writers, chocolate … Continue reading Do You Hate Valentine's Day?

Stay Curious

Remember being a kid and wanting to know everything? If you have kids you can hear it, right? That insatiable question over and over again. "Why?" When you are the kid and you asked why it was because you really wanted to know. Depending on the response you got from the adult or person you … Continue reading Stay Curious

How is Life?

Life is good if you have love. An older man was standing on a corner of the street holding a sign that read "Life is good" A rich man pulled up in a fancy sports car and tossed the older man a dollar. The older man said, "I don't want your money. I just want … Continue reading How is Life?

Want to Change the World?

Change your perspective. The only constant in this world is change, death and the laws of physics. Though I am no scientist, what do I know. What I do know is there is no reality. There is only perspective. Want to change anything in your life, yes anything, try looking at it in a different … Continue reading Want to Change the World?

Because You Deserve It

In my novel Almost There the main character Brianna Sabine Dario has the belief that she is not worthy of happiness. Throughout her story we see her pursue it. She longs for happiness like an addict. The thought of being happy terrifies her. She thinks she isn't worthy of it and denys herself happiness. When … Continue reading Because You Deserve It

Hide Nothing

There was a time when I hid things. I thought being secretive was to protect myself or to make things better. Sometimes it was to keep from hurting someone else, or at least I thought so. Usually it was worse when the person found out what I hid. I thought that being more open would … Continue reading Hide Nothing