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Stories are all we have in the end.

“We are all stories in the end, just make it a good one eh?”― The 11th Doctor Matt Smith I love this quote from Doctor Who because it is true. All we are at the end of life is the stories told about the good and bad of us. It is up to us to… Continue reading Stories are all we have in the end.

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Day 109

Being a human #109 Memories are important. Stop telling other humans that they've already told that story many times. The story allows them an opportunity to relive their past. We are all stories.

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Day 85

Today is my 19260th day being alive. I still feel like a child in my head. An educated, experienced but young person lives in my aging traitorous body. I refuse to let age dictate my happiness.

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Day 82

Once in a while you must step out of time. It’s those moments when you have been reading, watching a movie, playing, singing, or some other sort of thought occupying thing that causes you to lose track of time. You look up at the clock and are surprised that a significant amount of time has… Continue reading Day 82

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Day 81

It’s true you should not waste money. It’s not the most important resource you shouldn’t waste. If you spend all your money on fun you can always go to work and make more money. Contrary to what most humans think, money is not an exhaustible resource. You may find yourself without money. A resourceful human… Continue reading Day 81

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Day 69

So many time I wander around in my fog filled mind. I’m irritated because there is so much stuff I want to do but can’t seem to find the time to get it done. Books to read and write, things to learn and adventures to take. Can someone please slow down the clock already? How… Continue reading Day 69