Uninstalled Auto Pilot

Through the first few weeks of the No Social Media Year, I realized that my reactions and relationship with my phone are automatic. A notification buzzes, and I reach for my phone. After dealing with the email or call, I automatically start scrolling the home screen, searching for social media icons I deleted. 

I asked myself out loud , “What are you doing?” 

The addiction is real, y’all. This week I’ve dealt with headaches, twitching hands, and grumpiness I have said to my family, “I am in a foul mood, and I can’t really say why.” It’s the withdrawals from the dopamine fixes I was getting. 

I have allowed a device that was invented to make existing easier to now monopolize my life. We are slaves to the all mighty notification, all of us! 

To deal with the symptoms, I have been employing the use of distraction. I’m super busy at work, so it’s easy to ignore the siren’s call there. On my day off, I planted flowers and did general yard work. Before, I would have hired someone to do it while scrolling on my sofa. I have almost finished reading a novel I started a few days ago. It’s not even an ebook but an in-my-hands paperback. 

I set a strict Do Not Disturb schedule in phone settings. I’m the evening, I removed my phone from the room that I am in by charging it in what is ironically called the Unplug Box located in our Tavern (aka the dining room). 

Last night, my Daughter #4 and I went to my adult friends’ house who lives on our street. We watched our favorite show together and ate snacks. What show? Doctor Who, of course! We had a blast. Guess what? There were four of us, and we barely picked up our phones. I did take some pictures of the daughter snuggling our friend’s dog named Macaroni and responded to a couple of texts. Two from my husband. Then I answered one from another friend who was organizing today’s fun with the friends whose sofa I was sitting on, so information relays were priorities and me. 

With week one completed. I have successfully begun the uninstallation process of the autopilot feature I did not ask for that came with my phone. Progress is progress. 

Love & Light


Daughter #4 and Macaroni the adorable aforementioned doggo. 

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