How Happy Are You?

I want you to think about that question for a good minute. Are you happy? Yes? Are you happy in a it’s as good as it gets sort of happy? Are you a deep down happy? High on life happy? If you are surface happy, you can do better. Like if things are just mediocre … Continue reading How Happy Are You?

Believe Them

If someone says they love you believe them the first time they say it. Give love some time to see if they still mean it. Trust is a choice. It’s not always easy. Try to love even if you’re not sure if they love you back. Then wait. A human’s true intentions don’t stay hidden. … Continue reading Believe Them

Where are you going?

There are so many wonderful places to see. You are only limited by your imagination. Get out and go see what is around you. Do not live in fear inside walls. That is a sad way to exist. Travel, live, learn, love and experience all there is to life. Be brave and mindful of your … Continue reading Where are you going?

Gloomy Day

Today is a dark, cloudy day I know we need the rain. I am just wishing for sunshine. It is easy to feel sad on days with no sun. When someone you know is looking sad say, "Cheer up!" Sometimes humans just can't. Say happy things anyway. On the flip side, you may never know … Continue reading Gloomy Day

It is May Day

When I was a child May Day was a fun event. There were festivals, flowers, sweet treats, dances, and May poles. I remember it being a celebration of Spring. I wonder what happened to May Day fun? I don't hear of that anymore. In any case, today is beautiful where I am. The sun is … Continue reading It is May Day

Your Home is Yours

My family is known to be different. We have been called weird and that does not bother us. They are looking at us through the lens of traditional conventions of the American family.  In some ways, we look like everyone else. We are married with children. We live in a middle-class neighborhood. That is about … Continue reading Your Home is Yours

Teenage Girls are Weird

Y'all, girls are weird, a good weird, but still weird. If I mention we should have ice cream, it is usually followed by a loud screech from somewhere in the furthest most part of our home, “ICE CREAM!” squealed by one daughter followed by another one echoing the sentiment. It sounds more like “ICECEEEEEEMMMM!” Teenagers … Continue reading Teenage Girls are Weird

Things to Do at Home: Write on the Walls

We have been told all our lives that we do not write on the walls. Are you thinking about painting the inside of your home? Here is fun and crazy thing to do. Warning this is not for the faint of heart. Get a pack of permanent markers or paint pens. I prefer Sharpies of … Continue reading Things to Do at Home: Write on the Walls