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A Quiet Mind isn’t an Empty Mind

In today’s world it’s difficult to settle your mind. We are always so busy and going all the time that our brain is over stimulated. We are constantly hit with screens and sounds. Practice quieting your mind. Focus on the emptiness. Science has proven that men can sit and think nothing and women have to… Continue reading A Quiet Mind isn’t an Empty Mind

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What’s that?

I’m old? You better be careful, teenager I’ll wash tour mouth out with soap. Ok, not really but old? I don’t think I’m old. Don’t look at me like that! Just because my hair is gray and my skin is lined doesn’t mean I’m old. And don’t say a word about my behavior! How am… Continue reading What’s that?

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What’s your game?

Everyone needs an outlet that is fun. Remember playing pretend with your friends when you were small? That imagination and freedom is a direct killer of stress and anxiety. For me I roll dice in table top games like D&D, Warhammer 40k and others. As adults we forget how to use our imagination. We forget… Continue reading What’s your game?

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A Memory Failure

It is sometimes difficult to remember when you are living through a challenging situation that bad times pass eventually. Memory fails us when we need it to remind us that bad times are not a permanent thing. Good things will come to us if we keep going and do not give up. When you think… Continue reading A Memory Failure

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Have Fun

With all the bad news out there it is important that you take time to have fun when you can. One of my habits is to surround myself with quirky and unique things. They mean nothing to anyone else and they are nothing of any monetary value. Things given to me or things I have… Continue reading Have Fun