I swear…

I want to promise that I will not impulse buy not one thing for the entire month of May. I know I can't keep that promise, so I won't swear to it. Like a few of you being out of my normal routine has caused me to buy things on line. I have a propensity … Continue reading I swear…

Things to Do at Home: Write on the Walls

We have been told all our lives that we do not write on the walls. Are you thinking about painting the inside of your home? Here is fun and crazy thing to do. Warning this is not for the faint of heart. Get a pack of permanent markers or paint pens. I prefer Sharpies of … Continue reading Things to Do at Home: Write on the Walls

Things to do At Home: Kitchen Dance Party

What you can’t dance? Neither can I, however it is not about dance skill, a kitchen dance party is about fun. I say kitchen because in my house the kitchen has the best floor space. Also we tend to congregate in that room. My teenagers, all girls love dance parties at home. Picture this, music … Continue reading Things to do At Home: Kitchen Dance Party

Have Fun

With all the bad news out there it is important that you take time to have fun when you can. One of my habits is to surround myself with quirky and unique things. They mean nothing to anyone else and they are nothing of any monetary value. Things given to me or things I have … Continue reading Have Fun