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I was always a cat person. I mean I loved cats. I had a cat since I was six years old. Then I got a dog and my world changed. I am now also a dog person. I still had cats, but dogs treat humans differently than cats. Dogs are love on four feet. They… Continue reading Dogs

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There’s a myth that weekend days are better than week days. Any day spent with family, doing something fun, or having an adventure is a good day. Weekend or not.

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All I Wanna Do

I don’t want to be a responsible adult today. I want to sit on the sofa with my husband and dog watching old crime dramas eating junk food and drinking sweet tea. Where am I? At work being a responsible human. Y’all feel my pain? Harley Quinn the staffy

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Waiting for the Rest

I’m not sure why we seem to wait for the rest of our life. Oh, it’s not obvious. It’s hidden in the other things. When I loose weight... When I get a better job...When I get older...When I find my person...When I retire... What are we waiting for? Let’s live our best life now.

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Same Brain

My husband and I at the same time ordered the same books on Amazon! Who does that? We not only finish each other's sentences but without even realizing it we do and say so many things the same at the same time. That's not creepy, it is connection. Find that one human you can connect… Continue reading Same Brain

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Don’t hide Your Awesomeness

Every human has a little something that makes them special. It may be something strange or unusual. No matter what your thing is don’t hide it from the world. Those who your thing irritates don’t count in the big scheme of things, now do they?

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Just enough

It’s difficult sometimes to determine what is just enough. How much time is enough to do a task? How much food is enough to feed a family? How much paint is enough to make art? How much money is enough to pay all the bills? One thing I can promise you that is enough is… Continue reading Just enough

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If it Makes You Happy

Do you want to be happy? Most people say they do, but then sabotage their own happiness with ridiculous things. One of the most common things they do is surrounding themselves with miserable humans. Happiness is a choice. Choosing who you hang out with, live with or spend time with is your choice. Yes, you… Continue reading If it Makes You Happy