A Quiet Mind isn’t an Empty Mind

In today’s world it’s difficult to settle your mind. We are always so busy and going all the time that our brain is over stimulated. We are constantly hit with screens and sounds.

Practice quieting your mind. Focus on the emptiness. Science has proven that men can sit and think nothing and women have to work at it. Anyone can empty their mind with practice.

Find your method. Practice and rest your mind.

You’ll be surprised at the quality of ideas you amazing brain produces in the silence.


Home is a place. Home is a feeling of belonging to a family. Home is that safe peace when held in the arms of the one who loves you most.

For some humans the thought of home is terrifying. If there is no love where they are told is home, it can be deviation and sadness.

That is not home.

That is hell and no one deserves that.

Side Effects of Convenience

I saw the strangest thing today a teenager who could not operate a computer. His grandma said it’s because he has always done everything on his phone. I wonder how he will make it in college when he has to type a term paper?

Are we crippling our future generations by giving them too many conveniences?

They already can’t drive a manual transmission car, can’t comparison shop for groceries and have no patience for waiting. They can’t cook without cue cards and all ingredients prepackaged. They can’t dial a phone or remember phone numbers. They lack motivation and settle for the easiest way to do chores. The avoid confrontation to their own peril.

What’s next? I can’t even imagine.

Is Patriotism Dead

It seems to me that people do not respect the fact that no matter who the president is or what color your state is we Americans are blessed to be in the greatest country on the planet.

People come here because it’s better than where they left. Spend five minutes with a person seeking American citizenship and you will see more patriotism in their eyes than seen in most under 30 year old natural born Americans.

This lack of respect and patriotism makes me sad.

Stress is Weird

Ever seen a funeral where people start laughing? Ever seen a person colapse with tears? Ever seen someone so frustrated that they growl?

Stress is a weird thing. It demands attention. If you ignore it you will get sick or have a mental breakdown. Stress shows up when life is going well and when it is not.

Find your way to cope with stress and don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong.

Choose Your Humans

There is nothing wrong with being selective about who you choose to be with or who you choose to have in your life.

You can respectfully decline invitations to protect yourself. Don’t apologize for being choosy.

Same Brain

My husband and I at the same time ordered the same books on Amazon! Who does that? We not only finish each other’s sentences but without even realizing it we do and say so many things the same at the same time.

That’s not creepy, it is connection.

Find that one human you can connect with because life is too short to be alone. You need at least one person to have your back who know the inside of your heart and brain as if it were their own.

Reading is an acquired taste

Humans who love reading do not understand others who don’t enjoy reading. We readers look at the non reading humans like they are aliens.

Think of it this way. Not everyone likes tacos or chocolate. I’m not sure why but they don’t.

Reading lovers unite! Let us the book lovers push our love for reading down the throats of non readers. Let’s find a flavor of words the non readers have not acquired and force feed them reading until they too love to read. Maybe they just haven’t tasted, read, a book they like yet?

What do you mean I’m a reading fanatic? You say that like it’s a bad thing.