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Day 133

Being a human #133 It’s never too late to late to get your stuff together. Start today. Organize your thoughts, things, and finances. Get your life together, devise a plan, and move forward. Today.

Adulting, Be Radical, Change, Goals, Grand Adventure, Life, Truth

Day 128

Being a human #128 Your potential to succeed is limitless. Limits are self imposed myths.

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Day 120

Being a human #120 Breathe fresh air. Soak up sun. Feel the wind. Listen to the natural world. Being outside is good for humans. Don’t be house hermit. Go outdoors!

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Day 116

Being a human #116 When peace is an option choose peace. Sometimes you have to go find it. Sometimes it is not right in front of you. Peace sought after is never a waste of time. By the way, peace is always an option. I choose peace.

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Day 113

Being a human #113 Your past is not a reflection of your future. Humans learn and change. If not humans become stagnant and die. Your future can be better than your past. It can also be worse.

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Day 111

Being a human #111 You are not a rooted tree. You can change your trajectory as you deem necessary. If a human puts an obstacle in your way, do what you’ve got to do to go around, over, or under it. Even if the cost is high, do it. Apologize for the inconvenience you caused… Continue reading Day 111

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Day 109

Being a human #109 Memories are important. Stop telling other humans that they've already told that story many times. The story allows them an opportunity to relive their past. We are all stories.

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Day 100

Your disposition is a personal choice. When you wake up feeling bad, you can choose to push that attitude onto others or you can choose to be happy. You can decide to be in a better mood or hang on to that bad one all day. If someone bumps into you by mistake, you can… Continue reading Day 100

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Day 98

What happens when you throw caution to the wind and watch it blow away? Do that thing you have been thinking about forever. Jump off that what if train. Maybe you fall face first in the dirt. Maybe you don’t. One thing I know for sure, if you don’t jump you will never know.