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Fifth Rule of Social Media

Don’t assume, especially emotions. You can’t read minds. Speaking of emotions, don’t try to read it into someone’s post. Maybe the post the thing to make a point. Maybe they aren’t really angry.  You are not a mind reader.  Even if you think the words portray what the human who posted it is feeling you… Continue reading Fifth Rule of Social Media

Focused Simplicity, Truth, Words

Fourth Rule of Social Media

Love does not come from a screen, it comes from real people. Yes, you got more likes today! That is great! You may think that people love you. No, they love your words, humor, and ideas.  You are not what you post. See rule number three.  Do not tie so much of your emotions up… Continue reading Fourth Rule of Social Media

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Third Rule of Social Media

Social media is not real life. Look around you, those people you see are real, the world is real, and you are not a meme. Do not get so absorbed in the world of social media that you ignore the living breathing people in your life. This world is fragile and in a weird place.… Continue reading Third Rule of Social Media

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Second Rule of Social Media

If you won’t stand up in church or in front of Grandma and say it out loud, don’t post it on social media. Look, just because you can say it or post it does not mean you should. Consider your audience and your reputation. One wrong post can undo years of trust building. Now the… Continue reading Second Rule of Social Media

Focused Simplicity, Thoughts, Truth

First Rule of Social Media

Don’t take anything personally. Not all posts are for or about you. It is very difficult not to take words seriously. When reading a negative post on social media it takes a fraction of a second for your emotions to kick in, just stop. Only you can make you angry. You can't control other people;… Continue reading First Rule of Social Media