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Adding Sugar Makes Things Better

Have you ever tasted something and thought, "Gross, this needs some sugar." Then you add sugar and it make the next bite sweeter. What if you could add a litte sugar to a bad attitude? "Here, open your mouth?" Just pour sugar into the person who's attitude is a bit bitter and sweeten them right… Continue reading Adding Sugar Makes Things Better

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Tuesday- I am thankful for…

instant communication. What if we had no way to communicate as things happen? I think about the past and how long it took information to travel. Often if it didn't happen close to home you never knew it. Now, we can hear about things almost in real time. Think about the way you communicate with… Continue reading Tuesday- I am thankful for…

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If you heard that robotic voice when you read that title we need to talk after class. hehe 🙂 Seriously communication is a key to happiness. There are a few, but this is a big one. Telling your loved ones what you need to say will make your relationships stronger and healthier. Also, asking them… Continue reading Communicate!