As the End Draws Near

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I know that 2020 for some people was a crap year. The virus, financial struggles, storms and other woes impacted many many lives. A lot of humans will be happy to see 2020 leave and a shiny New Year come rolling in. I get it, I really do. The thing is, for me and my…… Continue reading As the End Draws Near

Traditionally I’m Over It

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I want to skip the holiday this week. That would be selfish. Americans love their USA holidays. It’s so much stress and does not fit into my focused simple life plan. My children don’t like traditional Thanksgiving food. Often we serve alternative meals. This year we are, for the first time, going to a restaurant…… Continue reading Traditionally I’m Over It

Save the Thank You

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If you are really thankful, say it. If you just say it to be polite you are missing an opportunity to experience gratefulness. In a society of automatic negativity, we should always look for the positive. Genuine thank yous are difficult to come by, cultivate them when you can.

Two Hands

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I never realized as a right handed person, how much I do with my left hand. Adjusting to using one hand is difficult. Then I thought about people, like injured veterans who lost limbs or were damaged in some other way and my small carpal tunnel injury pales in significance. We use our hands for…… Continue reading Two Hands

Friday-I am Thankful for…

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time. I am thankful for time to reflect on what is important, time to gather my thoughts and time to settle my spirit. I encourage you to take time to reflect on your values as a human. What is your motivation? Are you lying to yourself about what is really at the root of what…… Continue reading Friday-I am Thankful for…

Wednesday- I am thankful for…

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people who smile through adversity. I finally braved a couple of stores for provisions. I was greeted by smiling workers and a lot of “how can I help you” while keeping a nice distance from me. These people are tired. I could see it on their faces. Some looked stressed. Even through all of that…… Continue reading Wednesday- I am thankful for…