As the End Draws Near

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I know that 2020 for some people was a crap year. The virus, financial struggles, storms and other woes impacted many many lives. A lot of humans will be happy to see 2020 leave and a shiny New Year come rolling in. I get it, I really do.

The thing is, for me and my family, it wasn’t that bad. We had to adjust our daily lifestyle for Covid. We had a few health scares that we are currently getting through. We had to deal with several hurricanes. In particular, hurricane Sally was rude and took out the fence around the back yard. We had a small financial set back and couldn’t buy a house yet. A new home is on the horizon soon in 2021. We had our fair share of bad this year. However for the most part, 2020 wasn’t the Armageddon that most people are complaining about.

I’m having a difficult time commiserating with all the stressed and anxious people. I am not diminishing your pain. I just don’t feel the same. Instead, I feel blessed for all the things we got through this year, for all the love I have in my life, and for all the happiness that surrounds me. Maybe it is that I choose to see the positive and overlook the negative. I am not sorry for my perspective.

I can be sympathetic for your suffering, help you in any way I can and pray for you. I don’t have to apologize for or hide my happy.

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