Hello December

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We love sending and receiving Christmas cards. Please use the “Contact Us” link above or click the picture below to give us your address. The O’Gara Clan will send you a card in the mail. Yes, with real paper, a stamp, love, and holiday cheer! Like sending cards too? Here’s our address! The O’Garas PO…… Continue reading Hello December

Traditionally I’m Over It

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I want to skip the holiday this week. That would be selfish. Americans love their USA holidays. It’s so much stress and does not fit into my focused simple life plan. My children don’t like traditional Thanksgiving food. Often we serve alternative meals. This year we are, for the first time, going to a restaurant…… Continue reading Traditionally I’m Over It

It’s not about the stuff.

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Life is not about things. Things are replaceable. It is the love and memories that we should pass down. You should be living life as if every day is a reason to pull out the good dishes. Why are you keeping all that stuff put away to use once or twice a year? So what…… Continue reading It’s not about the stuff.

Things to Do At Home: You Have Mail

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When was the last time you got a real letter in the mail? Not a bill or something you ordered that you knew was coming, but a real surprise letter? Take some of this time to write a letter to someone you can’t see in person right now. That person can be in the same…… Continue reading Things to Do At Home: You Have Mail

It’s Your Choice, Always

I am from the south. Some would say the deep south in the United States. I guess that is true because if you walk out my door the Gulf of Mexico is not far. We Southern folks like our holidays. I have my favorites and there are some I do not participate in, Valentine’s Day,…… Continue reading It’s Your Choice, Always