It’s Your Choice, Always

I am from the south. Some would say the deep south in the United States. I guess that is true because if you walk out my door the Gulf of Mexico is not far. We Southern folks like our holidays. I have my favorites and there are some I do not participate in, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, Halloween, just to name a few. Say to a Southerner that you don’t participate in Mardi Gras or that you don’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving and they will almost faint. Excuse me, catch the vapours, glory be.

I do not have a blanket reason for not celebrating some holidays. I have issues with individual holidays for different reasons. This is a recent development for me, by recent say the last five to ten years. There are a few I participate in simply because I have children. If I didn’t have them I would probably skip more than I do now. My husband and I have agreed that there are certain holidays we as a couple will not participate in and others we celebrate for the children and grandchildren. I find it less stressful, less expensive, and it makes life easier. More on that later.

Depending on the holiday I get interesting responses from friends and family when they happen to ask, “What are you doing for (enter holiday here)?” My response to many of these inquiries is “Nothing. I choose to skip this holiday.” There is often a follow up “Gasp, why not?”

The answer is simple. It is a personal choice

I almost want to say, “It is against my religion” however, I don’t. I am against lying just to make things easier for myself. Oh, I can lie, I choose not to.

As this year progresses, I will share with you some of my thoughts about holidays as they come up on the calendar. Let me know if there are any in particular you would like me to address. This could be fun.

Until then, here is a thought, do not let society tell you what holidays mean to you and that you must participate. Don’t let the peer pressure of tradition dictate your happy.

You decide.

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