If you heard that robotic voice when you read that title we need to talk after class. hehe 🙂

Seriously communication is a key to happiness. There are a few, but this is a big one. Telling your loved ones what you need to say will make your relationships stronger and healthier. Also, asking them what they need builds trust. It only takes one quick comment to let your person know that you are there and you care.

I want to think my husband is a mind reader. He sometimes can look at me and know what I am thinking. Still, he often askes, “What do you need?” or “Are you okay?” and my favorite, “What’s wrong?”

Why do I like, “What’s wrong?” It sounds negative, but it is actually the easiest to answer. It means he is looking at my face and paying attention to me. I can’t always say what I need and sometimes I am not okay. He will listen while I talk it through. Other times I am perfectly fine. I can answer, “Nothing is wrong I am absolutely wonderful. Thank you for asking.” I know he generally cares what I am thinking.

Communication is so much easier than trying to guess or assume what your human is thinking.

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