It’s Mother’s Day

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Today is the day we make sure all the moms know that we love them. Every person on this planet has an egg donor. Not everyone has a mother. We find it easier to consider absent fathers than it is to consider a mother who births a child and walks away, though it happens. To me it is a sad day when any parent gives up.

If you are a mother like me who can’t wrap your head around a mother who would leave her child, chances are you are a good mom. If you have a mother who stayed and loved you no matter how much you disrespected her and disobeyed her, oh yes you did! We all did at some point. Give that woman your respect every day not just today. The thing is a good mom loves you regardless of your behavior.

If you are the other type of mother who birthed a child, gave up the child for the betterment of that child, I salute you. That takes courage and strength to know that you should not be a parent. You are brave. I have deep respect for you.

If you are a woman who is a “not the momma” who has raised or is currently in the frontlines of raising a child who you choose to love. I am talking to the step moms, bonus moms, and like a mother moms. You are steel tough. There is often no reward for what you do, but you do it anyway. I understand your pain. Keep going. Keep loving. The world needs more of us.

If your mom has passed away and you continue to live out the values and love she gave you, I am praying for peace for you.

If you are a mom who lost a baby before birth. I pray love and peace for you as well.

If you are the other type of mom who lost your child due to your behavior or abuse or if you are one of the walk away mothers, I hope you consider asking God for forgiveness. I have none for you.

The facts are that being a mother is a choice even if the child was an unplanned pregnancy, unplanned acquisition of a child through marriage or fate. Being a good mother, a loving mother is a choice .

Thank you to all the mom’s who chose love.


If you are a dad who is doing the job of both parents, this is not your day, yours is in June. 🙂

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