This is Happy

This is happy me. I like happy me. I have been happy me off and on in my life, however I have been consistently happy for almost five years now. My secret to happiness is this, live simply, make love your filter for what you do, and do not entertain negativity even for a second.…… Continue reading This is Happy

You’re Not Everything

You can’t be everything to everyone in your life. No matter how hard you try you can’t please everyone. It’s not possible. You can say yes. You can do and do and still…it will not please everyone. Stop trying. It is okay to say No. You are not everything, stop trying to be. Those special…… Continue reading You’re Not Everything

Are you doing ok?

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Let’s take this Monday to think about how we are really mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Listen to your inner most part. Don’t neglect what is important to your survival. Once you have taken care of you, then focus on the humans who are important to your life. You can’t help anyone if you lack…… Continue reading Are you doing ok?

Bless Your Wild Heart

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I am about to shake up the world. Maybe not the entire world but my little corner of it. Why should we assume that the world as we know it would fall apart if we reveal our true selves to it? My husband said to me, “Look at Ann Rice, the author. She wrote for…… Continue reading Bless Your Wild Heart

Lines Are Drawn

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Where are your limits? What do you value? There is an old saying that says, “What you permit, you promote. What you allow, you encourage. What you condone, you own.” ~ Unknown I have drawn some lines. God is first in my life, heart, mind and soul. I do not care if you agree or…… Continue reading Lines Are Drawn

Ain’t Nothing But a Thing

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Aw, did that person yell at you? Ain’t nothing but a thing. Why are you laughing? Ok, I admit that is a funny way to start a conversation. Hear me out. If someone says something mean to you, is it really about you? It very well might be about them. Maybe they snap at you…… Continue reading Ain’t Nothing But a Thing

You’re What?!

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I hear so many people joking, half joking, sometimes not joking at all that they are stupid, ugly, trash, unworthy or that they don’t deserve…what? happiness? success? Love? Whatever….y’all…As one who knows that sort of thinking is just a lie of anxiety or maybe even a manipulation of evil, I am so tired of hearing…… Continue reading You’re What?!

No Sin in Slowing Down

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Go go go…do that thing, then the next then the next…go go go… STOP! There is no productivity in constant motion. There is loss of efficiency in multitasking. Being tired is not anyway to live. Sometimes we have to simply stop. Take a day to do nothing. You know this. Like me you probably say…… Continue reading No Sin in Slowing Down