Ain’t Nothing But a Thing

Aw, did that person yell at you? Ain’t nothing but a thing.

Why are you laughing? Ok, I admit that is a funny way to start a conversation. Hear me out.

If someone says something mean to you, is it really about you? It very well might be about them. Maybe they snap at you because they are frustrated, tires or hungry. If I took everything personal when someone said it I would be crying a lot.

At the risk of sounding like a pop culture wanna be, I say let it go.

Let whatever they just said slide off of you.

If they continue to repeatedly use you for a verbal punching bag, remove yourself from the situation.

Now, it is an all together different story if you are indeed the eplitive they used to describe you or do in fact deserve the retribution. Look inside yourself and fix what needs fixing, but do not allow yourself to be barated.

Words are important spoken and heard. Humans absorb them like water of life. Speak with purpose and listen with the same intent.

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