You’re What?!

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I hear so many people joking, half joking, sometimes not joking at all that they are stupid, ugly, trash, unworthy or that they don’t deserve…what? happiness? success? Love? Whatever….y’all…As one who knows that sort of thinking is just a lie of anxiety or maybe even a manipulation of evil, I am so tired of hearing perfectly wonderful humans talk about themselves that way.

I get it. I did it too. It took a lot of love and patience, on my part and my peron’s part to get me to stop. On my part I had to learn to love me and my person needed super resilience to tolerate it when I would move forward to positivity then backslide into self defamation.

It is never fully gone but eventually if you work toward thinking and believing positive the ANTs, (automatic negative thoughts) slow down. One day they may even become extinct.

You are not a plastic replica human. You are warm breathing human, an amazing piece of biology, creativity, love and life. Stop talking about yourself like you are less than wonderful.

Thoughts and words become reality if you are persistent enough to keep practicing positive speech and actions.

Do not quit.

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