My fellow Americans…

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Let’s remember what it means to say we are Americans. If you do not like Trump, that’s between you and your conscience. To wish the POTUS dead is treason at worst and unpatriotic at best. Is that who we are now, my fellow Americans, unpatriotic treasonous humans? My heart hurts for my beloved country.Everyday it’s…… Continue reading My fellow Americans…

Thinking and Wishing

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Doughnuts…yep I need doughnuts….soft warm doughnuts…sweet yummy glazed with chocolate or maybe powdered doughnuts ….sigh… I’m on a eating plan. No no no,..not a diet an eating plan. That’s what it’s called. It’s for my own good. It’s also for the good of others. If I get healthier I can live longer and torment them…… Continue reading Thinking and Wishing


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I do not like surprises. I’m one of those please warn me before you visit sort of humans. Surprise parties are a big no thank you. Unexpected gifts from my family, yes please. Pop up storms in the Gulf, no thanks. Usually I am a positive person, however not when it comes to surprises. Unexpected…… Continue reading Surprise!

Best Laid Plans

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I had grand plans for the weekend. I took off work Friday and today to have a long weekend. I planned so many things that I wanted to get accomplished, but I got a total of two things completed from a long mental list. I can’t help but to laugh. I could have gotten all…… Continue reading Best Laid Plans

Hello Monday: Human Beings Only

Birthplace: Earth, Race: Human, Politics: Freedom, Religion: Love Look at the description above….is that you? If not maybe you should reconsider being a human. I hear there are other planets that have space for you.  Trust me, I know The Doctor. All kidding aside, as humans we need the same things. We may desire other…… Continue reading Hello Monday: Human Beings Only

Hello Monday: Newsletter Peek

Hi,  if you haven’t signed up for Lori’s newsletter here is a peek at what you missed. If you signed up and did not receive it please check you spam/junk folder. It comes from her email, Click here to sign up!  Paradise Lost In We Will Get There one of the themes is a very real…… Continue reading Hello Monday: Newsletter Peek