Day 60

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Be brave. When you think you just can’t do that thing you must do, call on all the courage you have and get it done. Ask yourself, is it the right thing to do? Yes? Good. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Maybe you fail, so what you’ve failed before and come back better.…… Continue reading Day 60

Change is Scary

I am in the throws of a change here in our home on the great communicator called the internet. We are shifting some publications to make it easier for you, dear reader,to access them. I am excited and scared. The What ifs are huge. I know it will appear smooth and easy for you if…… Continue reading Change is Scary

Things to Do at Home: Speak to Plants

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Get a house plant, water it, feed it and talk to it. I love the Toby Mac’s song Speak Life. It refers to speaking encouraging words to others. Toby explains that every interaction between humans is either encouraging or draining. You have the power to speak life into a person. You can encourage them or…… Continue reading Things to Do at Home: Speak to Plants

Be Different

It is better to be different than to be like everyone else. Seems to me the new trend is to be differently the same. All over social media people suffer the same aliments and post about it repeatedly. When did having anxiety become a social norm? Wait….Before you go all crazy, look, I know that…… Continue reading Be Different

Where Are You Headed?

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There is only one way to live your life and that is your way. No one can tell you what to feel, what to think or what to believe. You have to decide that for yourself. No one can motivate you or teach you initiative. You have to motivate yourself to be better, to be…… Continue reading Where Are You Headed?