Things to Do at Home: Speak to Plants

Get a house plant, water it, feed it and talk to it.

I love the Toby Mac’s song Speak Life. It refers to speaking encouraging words to others. Toby explains that every interaction between humans is either encouraging or draining. You have the power to speak life into a person. You can encourage them or you can discourage them. You can make them shine with joy or fall into sadness.

My suggestion for the thing to do today is to practice speaking life to a plant. Studies show that plants like it when humans speak to them. Try starting with a little house plant in a small pot.

I say even if you think you can’t grow a plant, let’s give it a try. We can focus on the positive and speak affirmations to the plant. It helps to give your plant a name.

Humans are like plants. They need words of love. If speaking words of love, speaking life, is difficult for you, practice. If your brain turns to negative automatic thoughts, practice speaking positively will help shift your brain too.

What’s the worse that could happen? You end up with a pretty plant and and you learn to speak with positive words.

Toby Mac talks about the song here and here is a link to the actual song, Speak Life

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