Be Different

It is better to be different than to be like everyone else. Seems to me the new trend is to be differently the same. All over social media people suffer the same aliments and post about it repeatedly. When did having anxiety become a social norm? Wait….Before you go all crazy, look, I know that some of you do in fact have anxiety. I am not downplaying the pain it causes. I know that it is a real thing. I have suffered from it myself. The difference is you won’t see it plastered all over my social media feeds.

I can’t tell if people share their mental anomalies on social media to get attention or if it is a case of trying to one up their friends.

I will see your anxiety and raise you a phobia.

Trends are not often a good thing. I can hear my mom and grandmother say, “If he jumped off a bridge would you?” I am afraid that the answer for some of you is yes.

Be different. Be original. Do not follow the crowd.

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