I am an Alien.

Sometimes I feel like an alien. It is like I do not belong on this planet. Then one day this restless feeling in my being made perfect sense. I am an alien. Not an outer space, green, flying saucer alien, but a spiritual alien. I am actually a spirit, a soul. My person-ness, my being-ness, … Continue reading I am an Alien.

No Just No

Photo by Bess Hamiti on Pexels.com As much as I know you do not what to hear this also know that I hate this lesson, this truth too. Sometimes no is the answer. I hate it when I want to do or go or have or not do and the answer is flat out NO … Continue reading No Just No

Why so Snappy?

Why is it that some people are so snappy? Why is it that they walk up to counters in coffee shops, restaurants, doctor's offices, post offices and libraries with such scowls on their faces, pointy words and harsh tones in their voices? I think the ants are back. Ants: Automatic Negative Thoughts. Maybe it is … Continue reading Why so Snappy?

Who Is In Your Tribe

Have you given much thought to who is in your circle or tribe? I like both metaphors. I see my tribe as like minded people who I may or may not see every day. My tribe are mostly friends not family. Included are my online friends. My circle are the ones closer to me, my … Continue reading Who Is In Your Tribe

Take Care of Yourself

We do not always want to take care of us. We put off what we need to do for our well being for what? Others? Work? Responsibilities? What happens to those things if we are not healthy enough to take care of them or worse we die and or not here at all? Stop. Take … Continue reading Take Care of Yourself

Truth Will Not Hide

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com There are forces of nature that are set firm. The laws of physics are one example. Truth is a natural law. No matter what you do to hide it truth will not stay hidden. You can lie and stretch it, or here's a good one ignore it, however it … Continue reading Truth Will Not Hide

Save Time

Want more time in your day? Here is how you get it. Reclaim all the minutes you are wasting doing things that are not helpful to you or someone else. Stop telling that child over and over and over again to do that thing. They aren't listening. Show them how to do it. Stop giving … Continue reading Save Time

Ever Have You Ever

Have you ever been so completely exhausted that even after a good sleep you are still tired? Me too! Sometimes I can attribute my exhaustion to my own bad decisions. In that case it is all my fault. Sometimes I am just plain tired and I need to snuggle my puppy or my husband. Other … Continue reading Ever Have You Ever

Just Chuck It

There are those days when you just have to toss your hands up and be done. Sometimes you have to chuck whatever it is in the bucket and move on. I know you don't want to hear this, but hear it anyway. Not everything or every one is meant for you. Not everyone will like … Continue reading Just Chuck It

But why?

I hate waiting. I know hate is a strong word. My detestation of waiting validates the word choice. I have very little patience. Why does it seem that good things always take so long to happen and bad things are spontaneous? Slow: Nice cozy fire for snuggling in front of. Spontaneous: fireworks that terrify my … Continue reading But why?