I ❤️ Mail

I love real mail. Paper and stamps and cards and words…

It takes time to mail a real letter. Few humans take the time to send cards or letters. Even at Christmas time there is an overwhelming feeling that sending cards is not a priority anymore. It is truly a dying art. I wonder if handwritten correspondence is another thing technology has murdered.

The loss of mail makes me sad.

Teenagers are Challenging

I’m lucky. My teenagers are good kids. They work hard at school. Mostly respectful. There is the normal teenager I know everything and my parents know nothing attitudes. Even that isn’t too bad. They are intelligent, unique, amazing, individuals who surprise me with how much they love life and the humans they share it with.

Still, being their mom is challenging. Many prayers and much patience abound. My goal is to prepare them to live without me and their Dad one day. Deep down I know they will be alright.

The catch is, I need to relax and let them learn from their own mistakes, but I don’t want them to hurt in any way. I want to protect them from harm caused by others or their actions. An almost impossible task.

Today I am praying for peace and guidance.

Dogs are Friends

Dogs are amazing in so many ways. Life is so much fuller and happier with a dog. They know when you need affection. When you are sad they will sit with you. Dogs love unconditionally.

Get a dog. Make a new friend.

Reading is Everything

If you don’t read you are missing out on a magic that is unmatched by any other force in the universe.

There is nothing you can say to change my mind.

Books are the gate and you have the key.

I want to Quit

I’m tired. Life has worn me out. I just want to quit, but I won’t.

Why? I am not wired that way. I can’t give up. I can’t stop trying. I can’t quit. I’m cursed with motivation and a high sense of responsibility. I want to accomplish so many things.

And it’s exhausting.

How do you eat an metaphorical elephant?

One bite at a time, but someone needs to make that elephant stop running. I’m tired of chasing him.

What do you do when you need to stop?

Winter From Florida

Floridians like winter with a just couple of cold days and lots of sun. They don’t own heavy coats or boots. They drink hot cocoa and coffee all year even in the heat of Summer. They have fireplaces that burn and stop with a push of a button. They like the idea of snow but prefer to watch it from afar. They have never owned a snow shovel and don’t roast chestnuts on open fires. Their roadways are never salted. They prefer salt on rims of drink glasses instead.

It’s me, I’m a Floridian.

Hello December

We love sending and receiving Christmas cards. Please use the “Contact Us” link above or click the picture below to give us your address. The O’Gara Clan will send you a card in the mail. Yes, with real paper, a stamp, love, and holiday cheer!

Like sending cards too? Here’s our address!

The O’Garas

PO Box 4718

Pensacola, Fl 32507, USA