Sometimes You Rest

Even if you have a full calendar, sometimes you have to rest. It may mean you can’t get to that appointment. You may have to say no to doing that favor. You may have to disappoint someone.

Sometimes you have to put yourself first.

The world won’t end if you just let it all go and rest.

I Do what I Want

Remember when you were a young human and you said something like, “I can’t wait to be an adult so I can do what I want”?

How’s that going for you? If it is going well tell us your secret. All I want to do is spend as much time with my husband and family as there are hours.

Unfortunately that doesn’t happen. With work and my family being spread across many miles, I do not get to do what I want and I am certainly an adult.

Now if money was endless… then I could do what I want.

Can We Just be Honest?

If you want, need, hate, love, or crave something just say it. Humans are so worried about what other people think they walk lightly around the truth. Just be honest already.

If you are honest and the other person doesn’t like what you said at least you can say that you are speaking truth. You are not responsible for their response.

You are responsible for being true to yourself.

Side Effects of Convenience

I saw the strangest thing today a teenager who could not operate a computer. His grandma said it’s because he has always done everything on his phone. I wonder how he will make it in college when he has to type a term paper?

Are we crippling our future generations by giving them too many conveniences?

They already can’t drive a manual transmission car, can’t comparison shop for groceries and have no patience for waiting. They can’t cook without cue cards and all ingredients prepackaged. They can’t dial a phone or remember phone numbers. They lack motivation and settle for the easiest way to do chores. The avoid confrontation to their own peril.

What’s next? I can’t even imagine.

Rain Again

Where I live it is the rainy season. Every day mid afternoon it rains. I usually enjoy rain, however these days I am tired of rain. I am ready for it to stop. I know rain is important. Without it humans would die. Do we have to have all the rain in one month? Ugh!

How’s the weather where you are?

Stress is Weird

Ever seen a funeral where people start laughing? Ever seen a person colapse with tears? Ever seen someone so frustrated that they growl?

Stress is a weird thing. It demands attention. If you ignore it you will get sick or have a mental breakdown. Stress shows up when life is going well and when it is not.

Find your way to cope with stress and don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong.

Choose Your Humans

There is nothing wrong with being selective about who you choose to be with or who you choose to have in your life.

You can respectfully decline invitations to protect yourself. Don’t apologize for being choosy.

Perception and Emotional Response

I hired a person to do a big cleaning job. I told them it was going to be a lot of work. I wasn’t getting into the why of it with a cleaning crew, but I told them it was not normal for my family to leave such a mess. I offered to pay more than the quote. The person said no to the extra money after they saw how big the project was and said they could do it. A few minutes later I get a message they are not going to do it after all and further more would not work for me in the future. It wasn’t that they couldn’t do it, but that they didn’t want to.

You work at a cleaning service. Dirt, junk, trash, and clutter that’s your money right? How can something be too dirty? That’s like saying it’s got too much money in it?

I told them it’s a big job, offered to pay more, still they didn’t “want” to do it. This wasn’t about the job being to big, it was about their emotional response.

I appreciate the honesty, but not the judgment.

Endings are Beginnings

We have reached the end of a story. It’s the end of one tale and the start of the next.

It’s easy to be happy about beginnings. Endings can go either way. They can be happy or sad. It depends on your story.

Your story has starts, stops and transitions. It will end for good one day. Make your story worth retelling when it ends.