Protect What You love

If you value something you keep it safe. You know where it is at all times. If you have jewelery you keep it in an actual safe. If you have a dog or a cat you microchip your pet and keep it safe in a fence or home.

What I don’t understand is when humans have valuable people and pets that they do not keep safe. Why would you invite a problem to your home? Why would you leave an opening for trouble to come in or for your unknowing loved one to wander out?

Protect who and what you love at all times at all costs.

Save yourself the trouble from being sorry later.

Take me to your Leader

We currently are between leaders. Technically we have a president, still. He leaves office in January, maybe.

This uncertainty is causing extreme anxiety for some people. It is out of the hands of the humans who are upset.

Sit back and let the system work. There is no infallible system of government. You have to accept it as is, do what you can to fix the parts you don’t like, and be at peace with the outcome. The only other option is to live somewhere else.

Be a nice human to those who think differently than you politically and relax.

Rocks in The Head

Please don’t be that person who refuses to see that things can be different. Don’t be closed minded and think that only your shiny ideas are the best.

Everyone thinks their rocks are the shinier than other people’s rocks.

Not Your Emergency

You do not have to attend every crisis you are pulled into. An emergency on another person’s part does not constitute an emergency for you every time. On the flip side, you emergency is not anyone else’s problem.

Deal with your life on your terms.

Sunshine after the Storm

Hurricanes are a fact of life in Florida. I’m used to it. So many humans ask me, “Why live there?”

I live here because it’s home and the storms are not an every day occurrence.

Storms remind us that rough times come but they also move on leaving the sunshine that follows.

Wait for the sunshine.

My fellow Americans…

Let’s remember what it means to say we are Americans. If you do not like Trump, that’s between you and your conscience. To wish the POTUS dead is treason at worst and unpatriotic at best. Is that who we are now, my fellow Americans, unpatriotic treasonous humans?

My heart hurts for my beloved country.
Everyday it’s something else. Killing of innocents, disrespectfulness of laws, rudeness and on and on it goes…savages.

For the record, I’m pro-human decency above politics and I am hard pressed to find it today.

Life is Good

Hello world. Remember that no matter what this life throws at you, you have a brain full of knowledge. No you don’t know everything and that’s ok.

Use what you know to do what your heart tells you is right.

Always do what is right and life will be good.