Fourth Rule of Social Media

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Love does not come from a screen, it comes from real people. Yes, you got more likes today! That is great! You may think that people love you. No, they love your words, humor, and ideas.  You are not what you post. See rule number three.  Do not tie so much of your emotions up…… Continue reading Fourth Rule of Social Media


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Warning: Today’s thought is deep. Who do you trust? It’s easy to say, “I trust you”, do you really though? What does that mean? The trust I have for coworkers and friends is different from the trust I have for my children. The trust I have for my children is different from the trust I…… Continue reading Trust

Maybe you are Person-Sick

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Do you ever get that feeling that you do not belong? Like maybe you are homesick, but your not away. When you think about it you can’t say what you are homesick for because when you look around you realize you are home. Maybe you aren’t homesick but person sick. Maybe you miss your person.…… Continue reading Maybe you are Person-Sick

Ignore Him, That Works

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Why is it that so many women, I guess men too, think that ignoring their spouse or partner is the way to fix a problem or win an argument? Last I checked most humans can’t read minds. Love doesn’t work that way. People need to know what the problem is to correct it. It’s pretty…… Continue reading Ignore Him, That Works