He Loves Me Quirky

My husband lets me be me. The fact that I have to say that he “lets” me is a sad thing. It tells you that I was not always free to do as I wish. I have never understood why people, both male and female, think that as soon as they are in a relationship with another human that they now own said human and can boss them around. You are mine do as I say…rubbish.

When you truly love a human you give them space to be themselves. If you don’t like it why did you choose them in the first place?

Rather than attempt to change or squash that person’s uniqueness, move along to someone more suited to your tastes. No, humans would rather try directly or indirectly to change that person to fit their ideal mate. Like I said, why?

Stop it y’all.

Let you love explore, breathe and be as they are, happiness will follow.

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