I Do what I Want

Remember when you were a young human and you said something like, “I can’t wait to be an adult so I can do what I want”?

How’s that going for you? If it is going well tell us your secret. All I want to do is spend as much time with my husband and family as there are hours.

Unfortunately that doesn’t happen. With work and my family being spread across many miles, I do not get to do what I want and I am certainly an adult.

Now if money was endless… then I could do what I want.

Don’t Settle Unless You Must

Five years ago my husband and I were in a situation where we had to get a house fast. So in a matter of six days we got a house to rent. We settled for what we could afford and what we could find in a hurry.

We’re always told to live our best life. Enjoy the grand adventure. Be all you can be. Don’t settle for second-best. Sometimes the situation is beyond your control leaving you no choice but to settle.

You do not have to stay there.

Settle if you must but don’t root there.

A Quiet Mind isn’t an Empty Mind

In today’s world it’s difficult to settle your mind. We are always so busy and going all the time that our brain is over stimulated. We are constantly hit with screens and sounds.

Practice quieting your mind. Focus on the emptiness. Science has proven that men can sit and think nothing and women have to work at it. Anyone can empty their mind with practice.

Find your method. Practice and rest your mind.

You’ll be surprised at the quality of ideas you amazing brain produces in the silence.


Home is a place. Home is a feeling of belonging to a family. Home is that safe peace when held in the arms of the one who loves you most.

For some humans the thought of home is terrifying. If there is no love where they are told is home, it can be deviation and sadness.

That is not home.

That is hell and no one deserves that.

Can We Just be Honest?

If you want, need, hate, love, or crave something just say it. Humans are so worried about what other people think they walk lightly around the truth. Just be honest already.

If you are honest and the other person doesn’t like what you said at least you can say that you are speaking truth. You are not responsible for their response.

You are responsible for being true to yourself.

It’s Hot

I live in Florida and it is hot. Not just hot but humid and hot. It’s like living in a sauna. What did people do before AC?

Thank you Mr Willis Carrier.

What do you do to stay cool? Are you one of the lucky humans who live in a constant temperate climate?

Anyway, I am willing suffer the heat to live here. This is home.

Is Patriotism Dead

It seems to me that people do not respect the fact that no matter who the president is or what color your state is we Americans are blessed to be in the greatest country on the planet.

People come here because it’s better than where they left. Spend five minutes with a person seeking American citizenship and you will see more patriotism in their eyes than seen in most under 30 year old natural born Americans.

This lack of respect and patriotism makes me sad.

Discipline is painful

I am not talking about the switch grandma put on your bare legs. Yeah, that hurt. Discipline to improve yourself to grow as a decent human hurts too. Making a plan, seeing it through, doing the right thing, and improving is worth all the pain it takes to get there.

After the pain comes the peace.