Day 3

Today we took a mini road trip. We looked at potential towns for relocation. We like our little rental house. Emphasis on the little. One of our 2021 goals is to create an O’Gara Clan estate. Fingers crossed and prayers said. Hopefully this is our year. Our requirements for a new home are:

  • Enough square feet for each family member to have their own space.
  • A safe neighborhood but no neighbors too close.
  • More bathrooms. We have teenagers.
  • A game room that is big enough for loads of fun.
  • A unique structure. Preferably a Frankenstein house. At the very least not a cookie cutter house.

What do you think is the most important aspect of a home?

Day 1

I don’t like cooking. Baking I find enjoyable. Today I cooked a huge meal. On the menu: Glazed ham with cherries and pineapple, turnips, mac & cheese, cornbread, potato salad and blackeyed peas. White cake with fluffy white frosting.

I have always said cooking is an art and baking is a science. Baking is all organized and measured. Cooking is often stir in different ingredients and hope for the best.

Why did I volunteer to cook the holiday meal today? Well, my family needed a good meal to start the new year. My liking to cook or not was irrelevant.

Do you like cooking?

Today is My mother’s Birthday

My mom Pammy has a birthday today. I know better than to tell you how old she is. Instead, show my mommy some birthday love by taking a look at her art and giving her page a like!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I love you all around and back around!

Teenagers are Challenging

I’m lucky. My teenagers are good kids. They work hard at school. Mostly respectful. There is the normal teenager I know everything and my parents know nothing attitudes. Even that isn’t too bad. They are intelligent, unique, amazing, individuals who surprise me with how much they love life and the humans they share it with.

Still, being their mom is challenging. Many prayers and much patience abound. My goal is to prepare them to live without me and their Dad one day. Deep down I know they will be alright.

The catch is, I need to relax and let them learn from their own mistakes, but I don’t want them to hurt in any way. I want to protect them from harm caused by others or their actions. An almost impossible task.

Today I am praying for peace and guidance.

Health is more than Flesh and Blood.

It’s not only imperative to teach our children healthy lifestyles for the protection of their bodies but also to protect their hearts and preserve their souls.

At the core of all we teach our young, love must be the foundation and truth of all lessons.

Protect What You love

If you value something you keep it safe. You know where it is at all times. If you have jewelery you keep it in an actual safe. If you have a dog or a cat you microchip your pet and keep it safe in a fence or home.

What I don’t understand is when humans have valuable people and pets that they do not keep safe. Why would you invite a problem to your home? Why would you leave an opening for trouble to come in or for your unknowing loved one to wander out?

Protect who and what you love at all times at all costs.

Save yourself the trouble from being sorry later.

Traditionally I’m Over It

I want to skip the holiday this week. That would be selfish. Americans love their USA holidays. It’s so much stress and does not fit into my focused simple life plan.

My children don’t like traditional Thanksgiving food. Often we serve alternative meals. This year we are, for the first time, going to a restaurant for a thanksgiving dinner. I can feel my grandmothers’ rebukes from across the veil because I choose not to be a slave to the stove.

Traditions are peer pressure from the dead and I am not succumbing to their influence this time.

Mini Road-trips

Want to get your family away from screens? Put everyone on the car, go an hour or two from home and pretend your from out of state.

My husband sat in the back seat with the kids and I drove. We played music and sang with the radio. Spent he day pretending to be tourists. Had a blast.

Spending time with each other having fun is the best replacement for social media.