What is Zen?

My mom has a zen garden. It is small and adorable. She goes there to pray and just be at peace. What is zen exactly? One definition states,  zen : a state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort. Adulting is hard. Prioritizing and keeping balance is…… Continue reading What is Zen?

Your Identity Matters

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What do you identify your soul with? If you don’t know you need to find out. It’s important to your well being. If you identify with a religion or a spiritual theology it becomes part of your public image. Unless you’re super good at hiding your truth, it becomes how others identify you. Who is…… Continue reading Your Identity Matters

Spirit Reconnections

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I love rain. Well, Summer rain I like. Winter rain that lingers with a gray sky for days not so much. Rain is peaceful for sleep. Even with booming thunder, I sleep wonderfully in the rain. Take a few minutes today, to get out in nature. Rain or shine, spending  some time outdoors will ground…… Continue reading Spirit Reconnections

Memory Serves Us

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2020 has proven to be a year we will all want to forget. War, famine, pandemic, racism, brutality, wildfires…and the year is only five months in. There is more to come that is certian. The truth is that yes this year has been over eventful, but there have been other years like this. We tend…… Continue reading Memory Serves Us

God, what are you doing?

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Do you ever get the impression that something is about to change in your life? It is like a whisper on the edge of your conscious or a shadow you can’t quite see. I have the feeling that something is happening. I am not sure what. I do know that prayer works and I am…… Continue reading God, what are you doing?

Things to Do at Home: Hug a Tree

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While safe at home go out and sit in the fresh air with no screen in your hand. Just listen to the sounds and breathe the air. If you live in a city take a walk to a park. Find a bit of nature somewhere and immerse yourself in it. Put you feet in the…… Continue reading Things to Do at Home: Hug a Tree