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Dogs are Not Things

If you are lucky enough to be owned by a dog then you understand that dogs have emotions. They are living creatures with a soul. I have blocked many people on social media who post any type of animal cruelty, but especially abused dogs. You can tell a lot about a person by how they… Continue reading Dogs are Not Things

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Wednesday- I am thankful for…

people who smile through adversity. I finally braved a couple of stores for provisions. I was greeted by smiling workers and a lot of "how can I help you" while keeping a nice distance from me. These people are tired. I could see it on their faces. Some looked stressed. Even through all of that… Continue reading Wednesday- I am thankful for…

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Share smiles not frowns. If you are like me you are sad that you can't hug your friends right now. I am even limiting how much I hug my family. We can share a smile at no risk. I am a smiling fool. Every time I see a sad or more often a scowling person… Continue reading Smiles