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Let’s Go Back

I can't be the only one who sees some silver in the lining of this cloud we are living in. This step back from life has given humans a pause to consider what is really important. They are looking at the necessary things and deciding what they can live without. We are all realizing what… Continue reading Let’s Go Back

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It is Getting More and More Difficult…

I am known for my positive optimistic outlook about most things. I am a bright happy person most of the time. If I am sad it is usually for a short time and I find a way to fix whatever is making me sad. Right now, it is getting more and more difficult to remain… Continue reading It is Getting More and More Difficult…

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It’s Day 40

I haven’t really been paying attention to the number of consecutive blogging days. I made a commitment to relaunch “Thought of The Day” since several readers and friends, asked me to share thoughts again and I just started writing. I have read the experts if there is such a thing as a blog expert. They… Continue reading It’s Day 40