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Due to concerns about copyright infringement, the O'Garas will offer ebooks directly to readers rather than through a third party retailer. Paperback editions sold online exclusively through Amazon and locally at a few choice retailers. Ebooks available directly from the O’Garas. Contact us for more information.

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Reading is Everything

If you don’t read you are missing out on a magic that is unmatched by any other force in the universe. There is nothing you can say to change my mind. Books are the gate and you have the key.

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For a Limited Time

You can read the ebook edition of We Will Get There free. Click here to get your copy now! We Will Get There is a turbulent adventure of the past and present hold of a mysterious place on Krystal Sabine. For Krystal, Perdido Key was home, a place that brought order into her life. It… Continue reading For a Limited Time

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FREE ebook!

Happy Birthday Lori! March is Lori's month and to celebrate that she is giving you a gift! Lori is giving you a free ebook available for 5 days only March 20-25,   Almost There. It is the second Perdido Key novel and her personal favorite of the stories.

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A Gift For You

Have You Read The Stories? Lori's first Perdido Key Novel, We Will Get There ebook is FREE for a limited time! Tell your friends! Click here to get your copy!