Why Bother?

I recently read an article that said the average income for a published author is less than 10k a year. If you factor in that Ebooks are easily pirated and copyrighted material is easily duplicated, the average income drops significantly. One reason that we O’Garas offer ebooks exclusively through Amazon is that if a Dear reader says, “I saw your ebook on website X”, I know my work was stolen. I also very rarely offer free ebooks. Not a fool proof defense, but the options for fighting pirates for authors are few.

So why bother publishing at all?

Simple, I don’t write for money and I don’t write for free. I know my words are good and I have things to share with readers. Those readers love to read my work. Those readers buy my books. Those readers will say thank you when I send out advance free paperbacks. They will share my words with their friends. Those friends will become readers. My readers, my tribe, will have my back.

I write for those readers.

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