Almost There: Pineapple on Pizza, Love it or Hate it.

“What do you like on your pizza?” Joseph said snapping Brianna out of her thoughts. “It is a tradition. After Sam’s game, we always eat pizza.” “Oh, I can’t stay. I will just call a cab.” Brianna said. Better to get away now before Joseph and his boys realize what kind of woman is in…… Continue reading Almost There: Pineapple on Pizza, Love it or Hate it.

FREE ebook!

Happy Birthday Lori! March is Lori’s month and to celebrate that she is giving you a gift! Lori is giving you a free ebook available for 5 days only March 20-25,   Almost There. It is the second Perdido Key novel and her personal favorite of the stories.

Would you read it?

Publishers and readers alike have difficulty placing Lori O’Gara’s novels in one genre. She is a Christian writer who writes about subjects that other Christian writers often avoid. She has no problem tackling drug addiction, sex or other subjects that are often thought of as taboo for Christian writers. “The thing is sex and addiction are…… Continue reading Would you read it?

Hello Monday: Newsletter Peek

Hi,  if you haven’t signed up for Lori’s newsletter here is a peek at what you missed. If you signed up and did not receive it please check you spam/junk folder. It comes from her email, Click here to sign up!  Paradise Lost In We Will Get There one of the themes is a very real…… Continue reading Hello Monday: Newsletter Peek

There and Back: William Porter and His Hat

William Porter, a self-proclaimed sinner cowboy from the hills of Tennessee, adjusted his black felt cowboy hat, the leather band worn by age and the constant fingering of his strong fingers. His hands not rough and calloused like a factual rancher but soft. Never the less William Porter was at heart a true cowboy. If…… Continue reading There and Back: William Porter and His Hat

Now at Hawsey’s Book Index

We Will Get There is available at the historic Hawsey’s Book Index located  in Pensacola Florida.  If you find yourself on Navy Blvd headed to Perdido Key on vacation or just to the beach for a day of fun. Stop in to see Dinah and the girls. If you are looking for a book you…… Continue reading Now at Hawsey’s Book Index