Three Days, the Fools Dance

On April 1st it will be Easter and the famous Fool’s day.  On April Fool’s day in Ireland, a common practical joke was to send someone to deliver a note by way of several people who kept him going on to someone new until the last person opened the note that read “send the fool…… Continue reading Three Days, the Fools Dance

Hello Monday: Newsletter Peek

Hi,  if you haven’t signed up for Lori’s newsletter here is a peek at what you missed. If you signed up and did not receive it please check you spam/junk folder. It comes from her email, Click here to sign up!  Paradise Lost In We Will Get There one of the themes is a very real…… Continue reading Hello Monday: Newsletter Peek

Coming November 1st

What’s the deal with William Porter and that hat? Will he ever find his happy ending? Want to know more about Perdido Key? Just how does that mind trick thing work? Believe in what? Get answers to these questions and more!  Sign up for Lori’s monthly Newsletter. You will receive exclusive content including: Sneak peaks…… Continue reading Coming November 1st