Almost There: Pineapple on Pizza, Love it or Hate it.

“What do you like on your pizza?” Joseph said snapping Brianna out of her thoughts. “It is a tradition. After Sam’s game, we always eat pizza.”

“Oh, I can’t stay. I will just call a cab.” Brianna said. Better to get away now before Joseph and his boys realize what kind of woman is in their home and someone gets hurt. Last thing Brianna wanted to do was hurt this good man and his boys.

“No. You will not. You will stay and eat pizza with us. Then I will drive you home, Bri. You need to relax and have some fun occasionally. It will be good for you.” Joseph said. He did not give her a choice. Brianna sighed and gave in. She couldn’t think of even one worthwhile excuse that would dissuade the resolute Joseph Cole.

“Ok, I like mushrooms and pineapple,” Brianna said.
“On pizza?” Joseph questioned. “Pineapple really?”
“Yes, pepperoni is good too.” Brianna laughed at the funny look on Joseph’s face.

“Dad, did you order pizza?” Sam said as Joseph and Brianna walked into the room.
“I did and guess what Brianna here likes on her pizza?”
“What?” asked Sam.
“Pineapple?” shouted Alex. “and pepperoni, like me? None of that Canadian bacon because Canadian bacon is just ham.”

Excerpt from Almost There, Perdido Key Novel #2 COPYRIGHT 2017, Lori O’Gara

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