Who are You?

We are considering getting our family DNA kits. Looking at our children and imagining where certain traits come from is captivating. Why is one sibling tall and the others short? Why are certain family members good at some things and struggle with others? Since we are a blended family, there is the question of genetics and environment, nature and nurture. 

With all the medical and scientific advances of our time, have we, as humans, really answered the question of nature or nurture? If we had, why are we still arguing about certain things? Why are we not embracing the differences that make humans so beautiful and fascinating? 

Why are we not loving each others’ uniqueness? 

I read in an article that stated, “each individual has a unique perspective on what makes a good life, so trying to cling to any specific set of values would be futile and ultimately harmful.” Excuse me? Our values are a big part of who we are as individuals. Identity is a core component of your personality, along with your values, make up you. Combine values, identity, genetics, and environment, and you have the recipe for making a human.

Who are you really, and who cares? I care.

The next time someone asks, “Who are you?” Here’s your answer.

I am a fabulous, intelligent human who lives on a tiny speck of a planet in a vast, stunning universe, susceptible to my environment and its lasting impacts on my biological self. Biology that I have no control over and never have. An environment that I have some control over. I am all of that and so much more.

That will shut them up. 🙂

Love & Light,


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