Focusing takes Practice

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Being present is difficult in today’s distracting environment. Try this the next time you sit down for a meal, before you take that first bite.

  • Turn off all screens.
  • Place your phone in another room. Under your pillow is a good spot.
  • Set the table. If your serve from the kitchen, set your place at your normal seated location and then add your plate last.
  • Take a breath and look at your plate, then start eating. If you pray, here is where you thank God for providing.
  • Take breaks between mouthfuls by placing your fork down.
  • When someone speaks to you, put your fork down.
  • Eat slowly.

Keep track of how many times you think about your phone or how many times you get distracted from the sights, smells and sounds around your meal. Focus on the one task of eating. If you have a family focus on their words, smiles, and presence.

Multitasking is dangerous and we humans are not good at it. We lie to ourselves and say we are, but no we are not.

Focus in each task and each moment as separate things. Slow down.

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