That’s What I’ll Be When I Grow Up

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I love the Red Hat ladies. They seem to not have a care if people think they are crazy old women. Most of the ones I know are crazy and really don’t care what you think. I wonder when they were little girls if they wanted to be confident old women one day?

We teach our girls to reach for their dreams. We tell them there is nothing they can’t do. We sometimes forget to teach them the struggles that will come with their path to greatness. We forget to remind them there are consequences for behavior.

As a mom and yes, grandma of girls, I like that society leans to encourage girls to be fearless and confident. They need to know they can do anything they set their minds too. We have come a long way since the days of Joan Cleaver and the housewife standards. We have however lost something along the way.

Our girls are not the weaker sex but they are different. I would like to see a mainstream movement of less Bitch in charge and more Strong Woman as partner. Not less, not more, but as a Unique Creation that women are meant to be.

We, woman were not created or meant to be the same as men. We are meant to be Us. Different, amazing and powerful in our own right. Women can be true to who they are without being less of a human, too bitchy and harsh.

The woman in Proverbs 31, was not weak, but courageous and smart. She was not her husband’s footstool to be used as a lesser being. She was a brilliant jewel to his shine. A complement to her family. She was the polished bright other side of the same male coin.

Women were meant for a different kind of greatness. A woman’s power comes in knowing she can be supernatural.

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