As I Lay Sleeping…

As you read this I am sleeping. I am getting my hand fixed. It’s a common thing. People like me who work with their hands wear them out. I have put this off a bit longer than I should have, but that’s normal for me.

I have put my health on the bottom of my list of priorities for a long time. I don’t really know why I do that. I made a decision a few months ago that I am not doing that any longer. I am going to be selfish when it comes to improving my health.

I have made and broken this promise to myself more times than I can count on both hands. What makes this different now? I can see the end of my life and it is getting closer…fast. There are so many things I want to do yet.

Time will not wait for me to figure it out. Other humans love me and they want me to stick around.

I encourage you to look at your life. If there is anything you want to change, do it now. Take care of you. If you don’t who will?

It is time to wake up.

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